Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2010 on E4

Episode Recap

A young man drives through the streets, with a handcuffed and gagged man in his boot, while the gang is sunbathing on the roof of the community centre. The young man arrives at the community centre, gets out of the car and tells the gang he is looking for Nathan. Nathan wants to know why and is surprised to learn that the young man is his brother his father never told him about it.

Nathan and his brother go to a pub and while Nathan is taking a leak, he calls his father to tell him he just met his brother he didn't know he had. The call goes to voice mail because apparently his father is the man trapped in the boot of the car. Nathan leaves a message and asks his father to call him back.

Meanwhile, Simon, Kelly, Alisha and Curtis clean the lake in front of the community centre when there new probation worker Shaun shows up. He realizes Nathan is missing and the gang lies to him that Nathan had to leave because his brother showed up to tell him he had cancer, but Shaun looks through their lie.

At the pub, Nathan and his brother Jamie talk about their father's reaction when Jamie confronted him. Nathan goes to get them more to drink. While he waits for their lager, he discovers that his brother is chatting up a woman, so he asks Lily, the girl behind the bar, how she would feel about having sex with him. But she turns him down and reveals a power of her own when she destroys the glasses with lager by freezing them. Lily is quite shocked, but Nathan is amazed and tells her about his immortality. When Lily's boss shows up and rudely tells Lily to clean up the broken glasses, Nathan offends him and is hit in the face. Outside the pub, Jamie offers Nathan whose nose is bleeding to go back in and take revenge, but Nathan asks him to just leave it alone when Lily shows up who is impressed by Nathan and gives him her number.

When Nathan and Jamie go to Jamie's car, they have to realize it went missing. Jamie freaks out and tells Nathan that their father was in the boot. He explains he went to see their father to confront him, but lost his mind when it looked like their father didn't want to be bothered with him, hit him with a toaster and locked him in the boot.

They start looking for Jamie's car and Jamie tells Nathan their father didn't even turn off the TV and Nathan explains Jamie that their father is just not interested in their sons. They discover a car that is nearly burnt out. Jamie can't tell for sure if it's his car or not and Nathan kicks the boot open, but it's empty. The two brothers are relieved and still recovering from the shock when Jamie's car drives by. They follow the car and when it stops and the thieves get out, Nathan tells Jamie he will provoke the three young men to chase him so Jamie can get the car.

Nathan walks to the car and the thieves and asks their leader if he would have sex with him for money. It works and the gang leader asks Nathan to get somewhere more private. They asks for the money and start beating Nathan up, but Jamie, who got the car in the meantime, comes to his rescue and the two, the car and their father in the boot escape. As soon as they got away from the thieves, they let their father out of the boot, but before they can untie him, police shows up.

At the police station, Nathan and his father finally talk about Nathan's brother who is interrogated in the meantime. Nathan is angry his father never told him about Jamie or contacted Jamie before. Nathan thinks his father should try to be a dad for Jamie, but his father answers he doesn't even know Jamie. Nathan adds he doesn't know him either. Their father tells Nathan he just never let's him work things out. Nathan flips out and throws his father in the face Jamie is better off not knowing his father, and he wishes he was his brother. His father who is not pressing charges just leaves. When Jamie returns and asks for him, Nathan answers he's gone and takes Jamie back with him to the community centre.

The next day, Alisha discovers that the mysterious masked man is following her and makes a video of him jumping from a building. Meanwhile, Simon sees Jamie leave the community centre. He asks Nathan if his brother is staying with him who reveals that he always wanted a brother to idealise him. Nathan learns that Simon has a sister and suggests to get him and Simon's sister together whereupon a disgusted Simon reveals his sister is only twelve. Shaun shows up to ask about Nathan's disappearance the other day.

A little later, Alisha shows the others the video she made of the masked man jumping off the building. Simon guesses it's the one who told them to go to Nathan's grave. Nathan is not impressed and reveals the masked one looks like the guy who rescued him from the Virtue virgins.

Later that day, while Nathan toasts sandwiches for him and his brother using a hot iron, he tries to convince his brother to build a relationship with their father. Jamie reveals he thought their father and Nathan would be big buddies, but Nathan answers their father never cared and tells about his 8th birthday he spent with a known paedophile at an IKEA because his father left him there for a few hours. On their way to the club where they are about to meet Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon, Nathan discovers that their father is watching them from a distance in his car, but leaves before they can talk.

At the club, Lily, the girl from the bar, joins them. When Nathan touches her, her skin turns to ice and she tells him she has intimacy issues, but Nathan offers her a solution to her problem which is vodka. When Jamie shows up, he offers them pills. Simon refuses to take Jamie's drug, so Jamie spikes his drink when Simon is looking away.

When the pills are kicking in, one after another realizes that their powers are reversed. Kelly has to say what's on her mind instead of reading other people's minds, Alisha's skin makes people hate her, people see Simon, and Curtis has a flash forward where he stands on a roof about to jump in a superhero costum and is approached by an attractive girl who undresses and kisses him before he goes back in time.

In the toilets, Nathan and Simon meet. They talk about the pills reversing their powers and Nathan advices Simon to take advantage of his reversed power by getting a girl. When he asks Simon if he has seen Lily, Simon tells him Lily went outside with Jamie and Nathan leaves to find them. He ignores Simon's warning not to get killed.

Outside, Jamie and Lily get in his car to have sex. When the pill kicks in, she starts feeling weird, like burning up, but Jamie tells her she looks fine. Meanwhile, Nathan has discovered Lily and Jamie in his car and approaches them while he is being watched by the mysterious masked man. In the car, Lily pushes Jamie away when she starts smoking. From the outside, Nathan sees the inside of the car bursts into flames. He starts screaming for Jamie, runs to the car, but the masked man stops him before he can reach the car that explodes soon later. Nathan frees himself and tries to reach the burning car until he discovers Jamie unharmed on the other side of the car. Meanwhile, Simon who followed Nathan outside, discovers the masked man who was hurt rescuing Nathan and follows when the masked man tries to get away.

Simon follows the masked man to a flat, but doesn't follow him inside and leaves. In the flat, the masked man waits for Simon to leave, then he walks past a sleeping woman, leaves through the back door and jumps off the balcony.

Elsewhere, Nathan and Jamie talk about what happened and Nathan reveals his power to Jamie. Jamie tells Nathan he wants to sort things out with there dad and convinces Nathan to come along with him.

Curtis and Alisha share their experiences and Alisha reveals her reversed power was like her normal power which makes her untouchable. Curtis tells her about his flash forward, but leaves out the part with the girl undressing and kissing him.

Nathan and Jamie go see their dad. Nathan knocks on the door and when his father opens, he hits him in the face and his father hits him right back. Inside, his father asks why he hit him and Nathan answers he just panicked. He tells his father that he understands that they won't be able to come over their differences, but believes there's still a chance for Jamie to have a dad, but their father tells him Jamie is dead. Nathan doesn't understand and mentions Jamie is standing just behind him, and his father explains Jamie died in a car that caught fire. Jamie's mother calls and he leaves the room to talk to her. Nathan is left with Jamie who explains he wanted Nathan to sort things out with their dad. Outside, Nathan's dad tells him he went to see Jamie the day he was born and chose Nathan and his mother. He tells Nathan he wasn't there for any of them and apologizes. Jamie adds that their father wants to make this right and that he will Nathan haunt for the rest of his life unless he gives in. So Nathan gives in and asks his father to buy him breakfast. On their way to the car, Nathan spots Jamie and Lily who go away together and disappear.

At the community centre, Kelly approaches Nathan to comfort him about his loss. Simon interrupts to tell them he knows where the guy in the mask lives and suggests to see him to talk to him.

The gang goes to the flat. When no one opens, they break in while the masked man watches from a distance. They go through the stuff in the house and discover it's a girl's bedroom. Simon realizes the masked man led him to a wrong flat and Curtis wants to leave. When he opens the door, he is standing in front of the girl from his flash forward, who also happens to be the girl living in that flat.