Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on E4
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    Misfits Season 2, Episode 4 Review: Incompetent X-Men

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    An environmental protester named Ollie with a power of his own joins the group. Elsewhere, Kelly gets into a hostage situation and needs the help of the mysterious masked man.

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    • What a complete and utter let down!

      After spending all that time setting up the mysterious masked character, and leaving us all thinking this is some sort of Batman-like ally they will eventually enjoy help from, they end it with something that an invisible character could so easily defeat??? - Instead of robbing a security van, why not go into the warehouse, invisible, take out the guy and save his friend??? - and regarding future Simon, a RATHER darker version would have been prefered: After enjoying himself with the shapeshifter (as Alisha, in the last episode), future Simon comes back for some more of the same, and manipulates her knowing she will be killed in the shower. He comes back from the future to enjoy himself with her (ok, AND let her know the feel of a guy, again) before SHE dies. Makes SO much more sense than the pointless let down that they went for. ugh.

      Interesting concepts, though. A bit unlikely that the new guy suddenly revealed he knew about their powers, and had one of his own, too! I guess they must be in an alternative universe where everyone (and a barmaid) has been exposed, and altered. Still, blatant and convenient cannon fodder to give the new love interest a power. The rest was ok. Great music. (Just catching up with this series.)moreless
    • Do you guys agree with me, that...

      ..the new worker was Gay !? LOL

      ..cuz Sally has his heart, and she's in love with Curtis?

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Anyway, another great episode, but too bad, we won't see the Future Simon anymore ! - Elisha will have to restart the love with Simon lol. I think they should show Curtis time-traveling more often, (they can show it for any scene (rewind + never happened) lol - anyway, I am just writing anything now to reach 100 words - that's the review limit !moreless
    • Great episode but sad one for Alisha

      The episode had everything Misfits has had since the beginning. Drama, comedy, romance and tragedy. But this time the tragedy seriously made me cry.

      Future Simon dying in her arms and then she has to 'get rid of him' by lighting him on fire. Dudes. Really?

      I loved him jumping in front of her to safe her life though. Now all there is left is for the writers to begin shipping PresentSimon with her. I look forward to seeing that tbh! ;) Also, cute and funny Nathan. The whole Kelly-thing didn't work out but it didn't feel right either at the time. Now they do need to write them a bit better. We at least need some romance. Next episode looks promising, I'm excited to see what a jealous Alisha and Nathan will do! :)moreless
    Matt Cross

    Matt Cross


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    Sean Francis

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Featured Music:
        "Ghost symbol" by Zero 7
        "War" by Edwin Starr
        "Echoes" by The Rapture
        "Innocence" by Nero
        "Put a little love in your heart" by David Ruffin
        "Aloha los Pescadores" by Jack Nitzsche
        "Laser beam" by Low
        "Steal Drums (Rivva Starr Remix)" by DB40
        "Empty Vessels " by Phil Kieran
        "MmmBop" by Hanson
        "4th movement, 1st part" by Krazy Baldhead
        "Also Sprach Zarathrustra" by Eumir Deodato
        "Paradise Circus" by Massive Attack

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Nathan: (to Simon) You're making jokes now? Excuse us. You're creeping out of your weird little shell. I get that. Good for you. But let's get one thing straight, I'm the funny guy around here.

      • Alisha: He just got shot in the face and you're insulting him?
        Nathan: He made an obscene gesture. I don't care if he's dead. There's no excuse for rudeness.

      • Nathan: He was never gonna fit in. What with all the caring about the environment and that. Better him than me.
        Simon: You're immortal.
        Nathan: Better him than one of you.

      • Nathan: It's a cruel, senseless waste. A young man taken from us in his prime, leaving us to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives, knowing that he's gone forever. So, maybe we should have the rest of the week off, you know, to cry and grieve and remember our dear friend... (pauses to try to remember Ollie's name)
        Simon: Ollie.
        Nathan: Ollie! Dear, beautiful Ollie.

      • Alisha: So, how are you gonna feel if we do nothing and then we read in the paper that he shot someone else?
        Nathan: Hey, I don't read the papers.

      • Nathan: I think I speak for all of us when I say we're lazy and incompetent. We're practically handicapped. OK, leave it to the police. They get paid to get shot.

      • Nathan: I don't think cleaning your car was what they had in mind when they gave us community service.
        Shaun: Well, I'm a member of the community and my car needs cleaning. And I don't give a shit.

      • Nathan: A bunch of young offenders develop superpowers, and not one of us thinks of using them to commit crimes? Shame on us.

      • Nathan: Our community service is nearly over. We need to look forward the future.
        Simon: You think we should become criminals?
        Nathan: No, we're already criminals. I'm talking about becoming successful criminals. You know, the ones who make money and don't get caught and have girlfriends with enormous breast implants.
        Simon: I thought we'd use our powers to help people?
        Nathan: Nah!

      • Nathan: Oh, then that must be his ghost, which means he's not at all OK, on account of him being dead and all.

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • The computer game Tim is living in including the map in the bottom left corner of Jimmy's vision is an allusion to the Grand Theft Auto game series.

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