Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on E4

Episode Recap

Future Simon stands in front of his wall with the pictures and clocks when Alisha shows up behind him and asks him to get back to bed.

At the community centre, Shaun introduces Olli, another young offender who will spend his Community Service time with them. The gang decides to keep their powers a secret to Ollie when he walks in and asks right away if they got any weird power. Ollie reveals that he is able to teleport and shows off his power. He disappears to reappear just a few metres behind them and Kelly notes he could have walkedd quicker. Unimpressed, the gang leaves.

The gang picks up litter from the street when a man runs past them, warning them about someone gone crazy. Seconds later, a red car stops just in front of them and a guy named Tim gets out and asks for Conti. Nathan introduces Simon as Conti. Tim tells Simon he wants his money back. From the guy's point of view it becomes clear that he thinks he's part of a computer game. Conti is a crime boss who stole his money. When Tim discovers Kelly, he mistakes her for Roxy, his ex-lover who betrayed him on their wedding day. Ollie believes Tim is suffering from a mental illness. He tries to talk to him, but Tim shoots him in the head. Shocked, the gang runs for their life and hide on the roof of the community centre. When Tim has left, Curtis tries to go back in time, but fails because he barely knew Ollie.

At a hospital, doctors take out Ollie's heart and give it to Nikki, the girl Curtis met in his flash forward.

In Future Simon's flat, Alisha discovers a picture of Ollie and realizes Future Simon knew about the boy's fate. She wants to know why he didn't interfere, but Future Simon replies he can't save everybody.

After Ollie's death, Shaun asks the surviving gang to not screw up their witness statements. Nathan tries to get them the rest of the week off to grieve over Ollie's death in his usual charming way, but fails to remember Ollie's name, and apparently, Shaun doesn't fall for it.

A little later, Simon suggests to do something about the guy who killed Ollie. While the others are afraid to get shot themselves, Alisha agrees with Simon and gets into a fight with Curtis who doesn't want her to risk her life.

At the hospital, Nikki tells her doctor that her new heart feels weird, while the doctor replies she's making the most remarkable recovery. When the doctor has left her, Nikki starts to breathe heavily. Her heart starts racing, she teleports and lands on top of Ollie's body before she teleports back into her hospital room.

Curtis and Alisha take a walk when Tim shows up again. They hide, get into a fight again and Curtis breaks up with Alisha. When the guy is gone, they agree things between them weren't right for a while. Alisha takes the blame and apologizes to Curtis.

At the hospital, Nikki tells her doctor that's something wrong with her new heart and that she wants another one. But her doctor just tells her that her new heart is fine and that their job is done because Nikki is not sick anymore.

After breaking up with Curtis, Alisha visits Future Simon to tell him she and Curtis are over and Simon kisses her.

Curtis meets Nikki where Ollie died and she tells him she got Ollie's heart. She reveals to Curtis that something weird is going on and so he fills her in about the powers. Before e leaves for his Community Service, they make a date to go out for a drink.

In Future Simon's flat, Alisha tells Simon they should go away some day and adds she always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Future Simon replies he will take her there and gives her the keys to his flat.

Kelly and Alisha meet on their way to the community centre just when the Tim's red car shows up behind them. The split up and try to flee, but the Tim gets Kelly, knocks her down and kidnaps her. Before he leaves with Kelly, he tells Alisha that he wants Conti to bring him his hundred grand to a warehouse.

At the community centre, Curtis tells Nathan and Simon that the guy who shot Ollie was on the estate again the other night when Alisha shows up to tell them the guy got Kelly. They hear Tim scream for Conti and follow the noise. In another room, they find a computer game playing Future Simon left there for them to find it. Curtis, Simon, Nathan and Alisha realize that Tim is living that game. Meanwhile, Tim makes Kelly put on a wedding dress. At the community centre, they find out more about the game and Simon guesses they've got to play the game for real to get Kelly back which means they need the money. Just when they have decided to rob a bank, Shaun shows up to tell them to clean his car.

Instead of washing Shaun's car, they drive away to rob a bank, while Future Simon watches them from the roof. They find a security van, Simon turns invisible, walks to the van and just takes the money.

Simon, Alisha, Curtis and Nathan arrive with the money, convinced the game will be over as soon as Tim gets it. They find Tim and Kelly who is hanging from a hook. Simon hands over the money, but the game doesn't stop. Instead of a game over, Tim completes another level and is given a new mission to find the undercover cop in the organisation and to kill him. He asks Simon/Conti about the cop. When Simon answers none of them is the cop, Tim knocks him out and the gang joins Kelly hanging from the meat hooks. Then he leaves to get a chainsaw to complete his mission.

Meanwhile, Nikki waits for Curtis in a bar. When he doesn't show up, she leaves, but teleports right into the warehouse where the gang is hanging from the meat hooks. The others recognize Nikki as the girl who lives in that flat they broke into and Curtis explains that Nikki got Ollie's heart and inherited his power. Nikki tries to rescue them, but Tim returns before she can help and Nikki ends up hanging from a hook aswell. Since Nathan is the one who can't die, Simon convinces him to confess to being the undercover cop before Tim kills Alisha he chose as his first chainsaw victim. Curtis uses that moment to kick Tim and Alisha can run away.

Alisha runs through the building, followed by Tim and Future Simon. Before Tim can shoot her, Future Simon gets in the way and takes the bullet. He tells Tim he is the undercover cop. Tim reaches a bonus level and leaves to bust Crazy Larry out of prison.

Alisha holds Simon in her arms and tries to call an ambulance, but Simon stops her. He explains it has to be like that so they can get together, so he can become him. He assures her it's going to be okay. He instructs her to burn his body because no one can find out about him. Before he dies, he tells her that falling in love with her is what makes him become him. When he is gone, she follows his instructions and burns his body.

Later, Simon shows Kelly the newspaper: Tim was arrested when he tried to break someone out of prison. Kelly tells him that's what happens when someone spends all their time playing computer games and leaves. When she is gone, Alisha shows up. Simon notices her and asks if everything is alright, but she just smiles and nods.

On the roof, Curtis meets Nikki, who kisses him and tells him she is not dying and feels pretty good about it.

Alisha visits Future Simon's flat. She walks past his picture wall and discovers a photo showing her and Simon in Las Vegas.
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