Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2009 on E4
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    Misfits' Season 1 Finale: When Cardigans Attack

    Season 1 ended with one of the show's biggest mysteries solved and a bunch of virgin teasing.

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    When someone is clearly influencing local teenagers and changing their behavior, the gang investigates. The trace leads to an organisation called Virtue and it's up to powerless Nathan to save them all.

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    • A great season finale for Misfits, loved it!

      First of all this episode was brilliant, I loved them whhen they all got geared up and ready to go, it seemed very reminiscent to what we probably do.

      Nathan with his action soundtrack, the perfect song for every situation.

      Even though they gave away Nathans power in the last episode by stating he was found half dead it was still a good scene.

      My only problem with the episode was the ending, you can't leave us on a cliffhanger like that, well its just cruel.

      I would recommend this episode as its a nice change to see a programme like this on Tv.

      Happy that season 2 has been comissioned!moreless
    • Misfits Series 1 finale

      I was slightly disappointed by this episode, it didn't come close to reaching the level of the previous two episodes. I would liked to have seen more fall out from Simon killing Sally but I'm sure that will come back in S2. I didn't really like the ending either, it was clear Nathan was going to fall or be pushed of that roof the minute he went up there, it was too telegraphed. Seeing him waking up in the coffin & listening to his ipod was funny though & it will be interesting to see how gets out of that predicament.

      Despite not rating the episode too highly it did make a good job of wrapping up season 1 a lot of questions were left unanswered & some questions were asked which have set up S2 quite nicely.

      Best moments & Lines Kelly, Nathan & Simon putting rubber gloves & headphones on.

      Nathan kicking the football at Simon. Nathan: You'd screw your own sister for a piece of cheese

      Simon: I don't even like cheese

      Nathan to Kelly:

      Are you reading a university prospectus? oh Jesus Christ!

      Nathan going all gangster to that song from Gone In Sixty Seconds was my favourite moment of the episode.

      Your Gun's leaking.moreless
    • Very very dark cliffhanger.....

      the finale was incredible as expected, but it didn't seem as epic as i expected it to be, the way the characters interacted was great - and we have a new mystery - the man on the bike. I felt sorry for the girl who was controlling others, she seemed misunderstood - and the fact that Nathan accidentally killed her might come up in the second season - since this show seems to take deaths seriously. Nathan dying was unexpected, but him coming back to life was expected...however i was quite depressed about the fact that he's gonna starve and go crazy for a couple of weeks until someone finds in the next season.

      Most likely Kelly will go and visit his grave and accidentally read his mind, setting things off from there....

      Finally character wise i was surprised to see that Nathan didn't actually 'redeem' himself - he still treated Simon badly and his monologue about how teenagers should act was disagreeable (and i'm 15).moreless

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