Season 2 Episode 7

Episode 7 Christmas Special

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2010 on E4
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Just before Christmas, the gang meets Seth, a drug dealer who is able to deal powers after being struck in the storm.

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  • Excellent cliffhanger for the end of series two...The waiting might just kill me.

    This show just gets better and better. Series two was insane and so much fun to watch. Simon of old turning into future Simon before our eyes is just great to watch. The arc of the story is beautifully written. Week to week, the episodes are amazing, but by and large it is clear that we are building up to some serious drama and action and some sort of cataclysmic event. What a wild ride.

    The idea of the Asbo 5 selling their powers and then attaining new ones...well that was just inspired. I can't wait to see what they will come up with. I hope the break in between seasons won't be long. Watching from the US...

    Jesus, but British television is excellent. God save the Queen.moreless
  • Disappointing ending to a fantastic season

    As a big Misfits lover I was looking forward to this special episode, even though I don't care much for the Christmas specials tradition. They usually seem detached and pretty cheesy - and not in a good way. I loved the dark tone of episode 6, and this special really ruined the season's ending for me. None of the plots made sense, like the writers tried cramming a lot in 45 minutes. Nathan decides to care for a pregnant girl after 5 seconds with her? Simon and Alisia are together and know about future Simon, even though in the previous episode the events were changed by the end? Curtis loses his girl and seems to forget about it after 2 scenes? they all sell their powers for no apparent reason? the gang sings a Christmas song to the new born baby? dear lord, please tell Nathan to go back in time and erase this special.moreless
  • The episode that united everything and set as ready for the third season!

    I won't go into the the whole story as it's been written around, but I want to point out what was good and what was, in my opinion, bad.

    As other have said, the plotholes can be a little disappointing. For example I get the feeling that Simon is embarking onto a different timeline now, one that it might not end with him going back to the past but is this even possible?

    Second, I have a love/hate relationship with the fact that everything that happens is contained in the little area of their whereabouts. What I mean by that is that everything is at a rather small scale. A guy calls himself Jesus and walks on water but national television/Vatican doesn't jump on the case? Unlikely.

    A drug dealer can now deal power, he gets immortality for 2000 pounds and doesn't try to sell it for millions to some bad guy or maybe good guy? I mean is immortality, time travel. These powers worth billions, why is the guy just content with selling them to random people for pennies basically? I don't really buy that

    But for the show progression is granted that this makes somewhat sense, as it's clear that the show is not really placed in OUR real world - like Heroes for example was, and eventually failed due to uber complexity - so maybe it's all for the good.

    All this is not to say that I'm not really excited about the next episodes because this season truly was mind-blowing! I'm starting to like British television more and more, I just wish they made more episodes per season. How about 10? :)

    In conclusion, great ending to a very unexpected season and looking forward to a brilliant season. If only I could travel in time to get there sooner..moreless
  • Christmas and plot holes?

    I really like misfits, it's one of my favourite programs on television these days. This final episode however just didn't do it for me. One of the reasons is the simon/alisha story. Was it just me, or did the character progression of simon in episode six get wiped after kurtis rewound time? Does this not mean he is basically the same simon as always in this episode? Yes, you may be able to assume he has grown in the past 3 months but i am not convinced. One other problem in my eyes was the death of Nikki and how kurtis seemed to forget that he needed to save her when the girl was giving birth, just seemed conveniently forgotten. Episode was good in general, I liked the whole trading power business for quick cash. Not only that, but i liked the comparisons made of the big bad guy with the actual church. Not quite as funny as some of the previous episodes, but the cliffhanger ending makes up for it.moreless
  • It was good to see the Gang in Christmas time!

    And it was great to see that they were still friends after the Community service too since they could have drifted apart...but well not all is good.

    Simon and Alisha together after 3 months, i mean i like them but it would have been better to see their relationship evolving from friendship to being a couple. Feel like the writers are trying to rush things and I also thought that since Curtis had gone back to the past Simon would forget about Future Simon (AKA Super Hoodie) and that was not what happened but maybe I'm expecting too much of a complete series of only 6 episodes...it should be ten at least.

    Let's continue with some of the good stuff, loved every minute of Nathan and Marnie, gotta adore Nathan for wanting to be the Baby daddy. Curtis and Nikki do not matter and Kelly is always awesome.

    Although I would have loved a surprising Kelly/Nathan reunion...

    Waiting for next series, hope time goes by soon enough. Love British seriesmoreless

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