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E4 (ended 2013)

Simon's Immunity (Minor Spoiler, season 3)

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    Something that's bugged me for a while now:

    The power of immunity gives immunity to all other powers

    1) Do you think it would work against lactokinesis? (The power isn't over the person it's over the dairy products they've eaten so that's open to debate)

    2) If the immunity power truly does give you immunity to all other powers; how does Seth buy it? Surely the power of immunity would have stopped it from ever beingtransferredby Seth's power.

    3) And on acompletelyunrelated note: Was it ever explained what happened to Nathan in the alternative version of history? Seth wasn't selling powers in Nazi Britain, so he could never have bought magic and couldn't have scammed the casinos in Vegas.

    4) Again unrelated: Simon and Alisha never go to Vegas, what the hell is up with the photo?

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