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  • They should have stopped after season 2

    It just goes downhill quickly from then on and you'll remember how great the misfits once was. The first two season were fantastic.

    Season 1-2 9/10

    Season 3 2/10
  • Seasons 1-2

    I've given the high score for seasons 1-2 only (maybe season 3) after that, all the characters you had grown to care about are gone and it's just kinda crap.
  • Major plot snafu

    I know that a premise like this show cannot be without holes. Mostly I don't mind. However. One really stupid one has to do with selling powers. If you have the power of immortality or to be able to rewind time and make other choices you could sell those powers for 1 Billion Dollars, and that would be cheap. Its beyond absurd. Not to get killed? Are you kidding me. Took me right out of my willful disbelief. Silly. So I went back in time and forgot I saw it.
  • Surprisingly Fresh !

    Misfits has been described in a lot of reviews as a cross between Skins and Heroes, however, in my opinion, it doesn't contain the biggest flaws of these shows- pretentiousness or unoriginality. I'm *not* slating these shows, I'm just saying that as quite a comic-book fan, it's difficult to watch or read something about characters with superpowers without ripping it apart- getting irritated by the plot lines that are taken, or 'influenced' from other sources and neither does it have an impossibly good looking set of people living a life you can't help but envy, no matter what drama has unfolded in their life due to partying too hard. Misfits is very unique and while you can guess some plot lines of the show, you can never guess what'll happen next episode.

    What Misfits provides is a group of interesting, likable and believable characters involved in well thought-out stories that are not over-complicated but still challenge the audience.

    To complete the show, the episodes are also full of thick, dark humour.

    Overall, it is an excellent show.
  • Not sure if I should continue watching?

    I started watching Misfits a few weeks ago and really loved the show, it's a little formulaic at times but the writing is solid and the characters are great. That is, until I finished season 2. Nathan leaving has been a big let down since his arc seemed to the show's arc: growing in maturity and responsibility. I keep expecting him to pop back up, but I see now he's gone for good. I could get over that (despite the terrible way he just met a girl and left in the end) but I'm having a real hard time getting over how bad season 3 has been so far. I don't want to spoil anything but the whole power-switch is TERRIBLE!!!

    I've been trying to get through season 3 in the hopes of season 4 being more like seasons 1 & 2, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it... The episode where Curtis runs track again was horrendous, and the following episodes haven't been better. Just wondering if I should stick with it?

    I'd give the first 2 season an 8.5 - 9

    Season 3 has been a 2.5 at best

  • Yet another entertaining series from Hulu

    I only recently started watching this show, currently just started season 2. Surprisingly entertaining though I'm not sure why it was classified as a comedy. I would call it more sci-fi than comedy. Regardless of its category, it is a great series and I highly recommend it.
  • Why does Misfits think sexual assault is funny?

    The character Rudy is played very much for laughs and the actor is quite talented. One has to wonder why he would involve himself in a script which shows him trying to rape and sexually assault women, week after week. First when Curtis was a woman and clearly incapable of consenting, not to mention calling him a different name, we found him performing oral sex on him. Next, he offered to throw a "sleepy f***" at a stranger. When informed this was rape, he stated - in a humorous fashion - that this was a grey area. Finally, he assaults a blind girl by lying to her and telling her he is wearing a condom. Apparently it's amusing that he put used clingfilm used on a dog bowl plus an elastic band inside a disabled woman. But after all, she was a racist, so she was fair game, right? I'm afraid I don't plan to watch past this episode, enough is enough. Whoever is writing these scripts has some serious sexism issues and should seek help. And the actor playing Rudy should seriously consider whether he thinks having a steady job is worth trivialising and mocking the sexual assault of women.
  • One of the greatest shows ever!

    I realized that this is the only show where I like every single character. It's funny and lovable!
  • Season three super let down!

    When I noticed the Nathan character was gone in the first episode I was worried that the same problem has come up that seems to plague British TV, loss of talent. The first episode however introduced Rudy who, although sometimes hard to understand accent, was funny. I enjoyed it, but that was to be short lived. The episode following and the one following that were not funny at all, much more of a drama. Well, we have lots of shows like that and in that genre Misfits doesn't compete.

    I started watching it on Hulu. I watched back to back episodes of the first two seasons. One of the best TV series I've seen. Now it's just one of those shows and not even a good one at that. WHAT A SHAME!!
  • I enjoy the show.

    I think the show is fun to watch. I'm not too crazy about every body getting killed off but it opens the door for new stories. I can't wait to see what insane things these kids get into next. I am kind of glad they haven't killed of the new PO yet he's a nut job and fits in with them.
  • I want Nathan back

    Why Nathan(Robert Sheehan)left the series ? He was the best and the most beautiful and when he left it I want to stop watch this series but I thought that he came back but he didnt. He was perfect. And now all are out and I want Nathan and other which are in first set back. It was great until Nathan left series.

  • I want the Originals Back!

    Its a great show but it really ruined it for me when they killed off Alicia and now Simon is gone. I even liked Nathan. I'll still watch the show but I definitly wont be too concerned if I miss an episode. Now.... If they brought them all back. I wouldn't miss it.
  • I normally love a show for everything even the somewhat bad, but Season 4 was just blah

    This show used to be close to a 10. I'm normally not one to bitch about my shows' quality slipping, because it's usually more gradual, but Season 4 of Misfits really just blew all hell. It had no emotion to it like normal, the new characters weren't really introduced properly, they killed off the only remaining ties we as an audience had to the Pilot episode, leaving Rudy the only true character that can bridge a gap between the first "generation" of Misfits leaving us with a new cast, which is okay, only there's no true empathic connection within the characters anymore and that's what seemed to be really missing from Season 4's writing, that and the lack of power usage, this is a show about 20 somethings with powers.

    The only characters I care about are Rudy and the new girl Jess, I thought they should've utilized her character way more during the show.

    Anyway, Seasons 1-3 are gold, definitely worth watching. By then as a fan you're probably going to watch Season 4 anyway, and it was okay, just horrible compared to the masterpiece that was the first 3 Seasons. But be back for Season 5 if it's renewed.
  • Lovely!

    This show is raunchy, beautiful, original, hilarious, and gritty all at the same time. It's great how a series can grasp all these elements and combine them to work collectively. Having watched the first two series (some of three but I heard Alisha dies so I stopped watching half way through), it had great character development and really fleshed out each character to make them as realistic as it gets. The writing is good and the acting even better. I see some up and coming stars on the rise.

    I like how in the first and second series the message was that not every superpower is a gift. Sometimes it's a curse. This can be compared to real life situations. Each of us have a skill or talent that we are exceptionally great at, but this talent isn't always particularly a good thing. With Alisha's first power and Nathan's immortality, those may at first seem like great assets to have but in the long run, they're not. Immortality? An immunity of death but a suffering in life. Not every good thing about us is constantly good. That's what sets this show from others, it could have went with a cliche and unoriginal story line that replaced the basis of powers with normal abilities, but instead it included powers and left a hidden message that, for some, is sort of intriguing.
  • Disappointed in season 4

    I loved the original cast and storyline to Misfits, it was original, fun and the characters were awesome. They have now moved the focus from the powers (which really was the main thing) and now focuses on sex all the time, and leaving a bad cast, poor storyline (We're going from "I'm going back in time to save my girlfriend" to "I need to find my penis") and little to no substance at all. Most of all, you don't really give a shit about the characters. I couldn't care less if they killed all of them in the season finale, and really just cared when the nun died, because Rudy is the only one that I cared about. I'm prepared to be voted down and get "fuck off and don't watch it" etc but this is a fan review, I used to be a huge fan, I'm just really disappointed by season 4.
  • Misfits really needs to be booted off TV...

    I saw the first episode of Misfits with my form in school and the first thought that popped into my head was "absolute cack". Poor acting and a crap storyline all in one.
  • The show has never been the same

    Since the day it premiered. it kept changing cast, focus and concept. You bitch about TV not taking risks and when it does, you bitch about it. Shut up and just watch it.

    Season one of this show was so good! The characters and storyline was unique, interesting, and funny! Now season 4 they are throwing everything in the garbage! What are the writers doing? The new characters are lame and boring! I was barely watching, and then [spoiler] they killed curtis off!!??!! Yeah now I'm done watching for sure. None of the original cast is left and the new kids can't fill those spots. This show is donezoo. Bloody hell its all rubbish! <= brit talk :)
  • Great show but I hope they don't start screwing up ?!?!?

    Great show and hillarious as all hell. I sure wll miss most of the characters that left and am glad they finally gave Rudy some of his own personality. Rather then totally try to clone him from Nathan. That being said it looks like we're going for a total re-write in Season 4. Everyone but Rudy and Curtis have returned with Seth as a possible sideline. Aside from that they're starting from scratch. I tell you what I think the Season 4 probation worker is the ballsiest yet. I have to be honest even with one or two partially dissapointing episodes in Season 3 I think the show has been pretty much flawless. I'm glad they do shorter seasons with less filler too. Gives them time to write out real stories. Unlike most pop-shows especially in the States where the season is at least 1/3 filler. Love you guys keep up the good work in Season 4.
  • Should ended on season 2 or 3


    Sorry for the bad english...

    I hate Rudy. He isn't funny at all. I can't even understand what we says (with subtitles). They shouldn't try to copy someone who was perfect (nathan) because the copy of something perfect will always be worse...

    I hope they won't try to copy Simon since he as Nathan is unique and perfect.

    What is the purpose of continue a tv show who lost almost all the characters???

    The only salvation is bring characters back or make a full reset (fire everyone who remains... ) like Doctor Who did so many times with sucess.

    The characters who stay will always make me remember how much better this show was with nathan, simon and alisha.

    Nathan and Simon were my favourite so I don't know if i can keep watching the show...

    Since it's difficult to bring them back please full reset the cast so we can have new stories or end the show. And next time please make longer contracts with actors!!!!

  • Rebellious British teens with super powers. What could possibly go wrong?...

    Gotta say I adore this show. It always reminds me of Skins which is another great teen based Brit show but only theres an extra ingredient... SUPER POWERS!

    Theres been a lot of superhero shows and films out these past few years and this is one of the better ones. Based around an unlikely group of 4 teens doing community work they are caught in a storm and each develop powers depending on an aspect of their personality and we soon learn their not the only ones affected by the storm... Each episode provides us with a new and bizarre adventure for our 'heroes' which never fails to impress me. I've never been bored once watching this.

    The actors also play their parts well and it's nice to see how over the episodes they go from being polar opposites to the best of friends and getting an insight into their minds and how they work is very interesting. Nathan is the front man of the foursome and he is hillarious. One of the best characters made up in a long time.

    With a great cast and inventive writing, and not forgetting that good old British humour this has become one of my favourite shows to hit the telly for a long time.
  • Rude, crass, disgusting even, but very very VERY Funny!


    Well it was when Nathan (Robert Sheehan) was in Misfits at least, but unfortunately he's no longer part of the crew and quite frankly the jury is still out on his replacement Seth, played by Mathew McNulty.

    Seth is VERY rude, VERY crass, EXTREMELY disgusting and in my humble opinion not that funny. He just doesn't have the same chemistry that the others have or that they had with Nathan.

    My wife and I and our two sons absolutely love Misfits and we've been hanging out for this 3rd series since the 2010 Christmas special and I have to say, as much as we really wanted it to work without Nathan's involvement, he was the show's central character and without him the first episode of this series was, well.....underwhelming to say the least.

    It came across to me as if the writers were trying to make up for (or hide) the loss of Nathan by giving Seth even more disgusting lines and even more disgusting subject matter than Nathan normally has.

    This didn't work though because Seth couldn't pull it off in the same cheeky style as Nathan would have.

    While Nathan might have shocked you with the language and the subject matter, he would still have you laughing your socks off with his delivery and style.

    The end result being great quotes like 'Gay. Straight. Retarded! Why do we have to put labels on everything?' or 'Monkey Slut!' and best of all..........'Save me Barry!' (I bet you're laughing just reading that)

    Seth on the other hand, in the words of my wife "Wasn't funny at all. He just came across as an annoying, dirty creep" which is dissapointing even at this early stage.

    Still, we'll keep on watching every episode the moment they come out though because it's really is one of the best UK series of it's kind, but I hope and pray that it picks up and that Seth's really annoying character with his really annoying Manchester accent either gets better lines or is killed off early on.

  • Love every minute of Misfits!

    Really can't get enough of this show, it's absolutely brilliant and the characters are really something.
    Series 1 and 2 had me hooked up, waiting for series 3 to be just as awesome , the only downside is waiting for an entire year to see some of the most ridiculous and hilarious characters on TV. Nathan, Kelly and Simon are the best of Misfits and the entire plot and story lines are really interesting...Totally deserve the BAFTA award.

    Super powers mixed anti socials is a great combination. Kudos for the writes and producers of this drammedy, one of the best tv shows in our generation
  • This show gets better and better ... Forget Heroes, this one beats it by a mile, in their own way.

    This show seems to have it all. Comedy, entertainment, action and a little drama. Although the first few eps. start off a little rusty, it just grows into a well made and smart, yet very funny, series. Yes, it's not like the big budget hollywood stuff. It has that British feel i personally love. But, the show, characters and storyline grow into nothing short of excellent. The characters are key. It just fits ... (not what you'd expect considering the title). Especially Nathan, the annoying guy who can't help himself, is incredibly funny. It's creative and the timing and writing of the dialogs and comedy is top notch. I love the presentation of youngsters through their own eyes. Not the overkill or overdramatic hollywood stuff, more like real youth who suddenly get these uncontrolled powers, together with their hormones and need to find a way for themselves. But above all, just entertain the viewers. This must be one of the most original series i've seen in years. There's nothing i can come up with that's like this show. Obviously, it has some Heroes flavours. Mix it with the weird storyline and characters and british humor and i think that generally sums it up.

    And the best thing is: it just seem to get better with every episode. Really looking forward to S3.
  • Sickest show I've ever enjoyed. Similarities to Heroes, but much better. Wouldn't allow youngsters to watch though.

    Gritty, occasionally vulgar, even disgusting at times, so not for the faint-hearted or youngsters. But for the rest of us:

    A group of teens assigned to public duties as punishment for various mild'ish crimes somehow develop super powers, some powers are really stupid too LOL

    Things happen to them while they're trying to figure out WTH is going on with their new powers, so it's like a constant string of reacting to events, often triggered by other weird events due to the super powers (trying not to spoil, sorry for being cryptic).

    And then some of the main characters are flawed, which makes things more interesting, but even though the whole show is based on unbelievable things, the show manages to make everything believable within the show's stories - kudos to the writers!

    Just watched 2-07 and it had such an utterly disgusting event, which I repeatedly laughed out loud to. Yes, it's not for everyone, but try it, because you might enjoy it too.
  • Surprisingly funny.

    This show is funny and brilliant. And it keeps surprising me every time i look at the show. It has a good cast. acting is brilliant on its own European way. I like it. its about 5 kids who get struck by a strange lightning and get the powers they so desperately desire. and that bring a lot of trouble with it. and every time they take care of a problem on a crazy and funny way. A new problem pops up. ofcourse there are other people with powers and not all of them use them for good. So ofcourse there are super powered villains. and they also are funny and strange on their own crazy way.
  • UK TV at it's best. The Misfits is just another reason why I love British shows so much more then American ones!

    This is a really awesome show. I loved every minute of Season One and Two. Everyone compares it to Heroes, but I think they are nothing alike. Misfits is way more grittier, grungier and more awesome in every other aspect too! I'm pretty excited for Season 3 (what powers will they have, the question on everyone's mind). Another brilliant thing about this show is the Soundtrack. They are ALWAYS playing really great songs. I loved it so much I created an article just on the music and listed it out etc. Check it out if you're a fan of the music from the tv show like me: http://hubpages.com/hub/Music-from-the-Misfits-TV-Show
  • This show is AWESOME !!!

    This show has me hooked. Many compare this to "Heroes", but I was never as attached to the characters in "Heroes", as I am to the characters in this program. Nathan continuously has me in hysterics and this is one of the few British shows where I can actually make out what they're saying! The combination of very original & unpredictable story-lines, combined with the fine acting, makes me really attached to each character.

    Also, it's refreshing to see actors who look like REAL people on a TV show...if this were an American show, all the people would look perfect and have perfect make-up & hair at all times. These kids look real...no fake noses or girls with anorectic bodies. Really nice to see *real* people for a change.
  • A nice surprise!

    Really good pilot, funny, well directed.
    The actors are great and the mood is politically incorrect... I can't wait to see next week's episode to know if this show's gonna stay this good.
    I hope it gets more and more viewers, it deserves a full season at least.
    It is even hard to write a 100 words review about it, because there's nothing bad to say and i don't want to spoil the story.
    Let's just think about this: what if heroes weren't archetypal nice guys and innocent girls, what about a bunch of nasty kids, but kind of sensitive in their own way?
    Wouldn't it be more realistic? Funnier? Wouldn't it be just... human?
  • Super Skins!!

    I used to think that nothing could get better than Skins because almost all of the English shows on E4 are like Skins. Yes Misfits does have some sex scenes and swearing, but It's so much better! I don't think I've ever experianced a realistic Super Hero show and one that's set in London!
    Misfits take a completely different approach to Super Hero/Teenage Dramas. Both genres combined, make a great show and entertaining characters. I really love the plot and storylines for each episode. I also love the fact that they arn't like normal super heroes, but People arrented and put on Community service! This show deserves to stick around for a very long Time!
    Go Misfits!!