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  • This show gets better and better ... Forget Heroes, this one beats it by a mile, in their own way.

    This show seems to have it all. Comedy, entertainment, action and a little drama. Although the first few eps. start off a little rusty, it just grows into a well made and smart, yet very funny, series. Yes, it's not like the big budget hollywood stuff. It has that British feel i personally love. But, the show, characters and storyline grow into nothing short of excellent. The characters are key. It just fits ... (not what you'd expect considering the title). Especially Nathan, the annoying guy who can't help himself, is incredibly funny. It's creative and the timing and writing of the dialogs and comedy is top notch. I love the presentation of youngsters through their own eyes. Not the overkill or overdramatic hollywood stuff, more like real youth who suddenly get these uncontrolled powers, together with their hormones and need to find a way for themselves. But above all, just entertain the viewers. This must be one of the most original series i've seen in years. There's nothing i can come up with that's like this show. Obviously, it has some Heroes flavours. Mix it with the weird storyline and characters and british humor and i think that generally sums it up.

    And the best thing is: it just seem to get better with every episode. Really looking forward to S3.