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  • Sickest show I've ever enjoyed. Similarities to Heroes, but much better. Wouldn't allow youngsters to watch though.

    Gritty, occasionally vulgar, even disgusting at times, so not for the faint-hearted or youngsters. But for the rest of us:

    A group of teens assigned to public duties as punishment for various mild'ish crimes somehow develop super powers, some powers are really stupid too LOL

    Things happen to them while they're trying to figure out WTH is going on with their new powers, so it's like a constant string of reacting to events, often triggered by other weird events due to the super powers (trying not to spoil, sorry for being cryptic).

    And then some of the main characters are flawed, which makes things more interesting, but even though the whole show is based on unbelievable things, the show manages to make everything believable within the show's stories - kudos to the writers!

    Just watched 2-07 and it had such an utterly disgusting event, which I repeatedly laughed out loud to. Yes, it's not for everyone, but try it, because you might enjoy it too.