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  • Rude, crass, disgusting even, but very very VERY Funny!


    Well it was when Nathan (Robert Sheehan) was in Misfits at least, but unfortunately he's no longer part of the crew and quite frankly the jury is still out on his replacement Seth, played by Mathew McNulty.

    Seth is VERY rude, VERY crass, EXTREMELY disgusting and in my humble opinion not that funny. He just doesn't have the same chemistry that the others have or that they had with Nathan.

    My wife and I and our two sons absolutely love Misfits and we've been hanging out for this 3rd series since the 2010 Christmas special and I have to say, as much as we really wanted it to work without Nathan's involvement, he was the show's central character and without him the first episode of this series was, well.....underwhelming to say the least.

    It came across to me as if the writers were trying to make up for (or hide) the loss of Nathan by giving Seth even more disgusting lines and even more disgusting subject matter than Nathan normally has.

    This didn't work though because Seth couldn't pull it off in the same cheeky style as Nathan would have.

    While Nathan might have shocked you with the language and the subject matter, he would still have you laughing your socks off with his delivery and style.

    The end result being great quotes like 'Gay. Straight. Retarded! Why do we have to put labels on everything?' or 'Monkey Slut!' and best of all..........'Save me Barry!' (I bet you're laughing just reading that)

    Seth on the other hand, in the words of my wife "Wasn't funny at all. He just came across as an annoying, dirty creep" which is dissapointing even at this early stage.

    Still, we'll keep on watching every episode the moment they come out though because it's really is one of the best UK series of it's kind, but I hope and pray that it picks up and that Seth's really annoying character with his really annoying Manchester accent either gets better lines or is killed off early on.