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  • I normally love a show for everything even the somewhat bad, but Season 4 was just blah

    This show used to be close to a 10. I'm normally not one to bitch about my shows' quality slipping, because it's usually more gradual, but Season 4 of Misfits really just blew all hell. It had no emotion to it like normal, the new characters weren't really introduced properly, they killed off the only remaining ties we as an audience had to the Pilot episode, leaving Rudy the only true character that can bridge a gap between the first "generation" of Misfits leaving us with a new cast, which is okay, only there's no true empathic connection within the characters anymore and that's what seemed to be really missing from Season 4's writing, that and the lack of power usage, this is a show about 20 somethings with powers.

    The only characters I care about are Rudy and the new girl Jess, I thought they should've utilized her character way more during the show.

    Anyway, Seasons 1-3 are gold, definitely worth watching. By then as a fan you're probably going to watch Season 4 anyway, and it was okay, just horrible compared to the masterpiece that was the first 3 Seasons. But be back for Season 5 if it's renewed.