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  • Lovely!

    This show is raunchy, beautiful, original, hilarious, and gritty all at the same time. It's great how a series can grasp all these elements and combine them to work collectively. Having watched the first two series (some of three but I heard Alisha dies so I stopped watching half way through), it had great character development and really fleshed out each character to make them as realistic as it gets. The writing is good and the acting even better. I see some up and coming stars on the rise.

    I like how in the first and second series the message was that not every superpower is a gift. Sometimes it's a curse. This can be compared to real life situations. Each of us have a skill or talent that we are exceptionally great at, but this talent isn't always particularly a good thing. With Alisha's first power and Nathan's immortality, those may at first seem like great assets to have but in the long run, they're not. Immortality? An immunity of death but a suffering in life. Not every good thing about us is constantly good. That's what sets this show from others, it could have went with a cliche and unoriginal story line that replaced the basis of powers with normal abilities, but instead it included powers and left a hidden message that, for some, is sort of intriguing.
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