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  • Why does Misfits think sexual assault is funny?

    The character Rudy is played very much for laughs and the actor is quite talented. One has to wonder why he would involve himself in a script which shows him trying to rape and sexually assault women, week after week. First when Curtis was a woman and clearly incapable of consenting, not to mention calling him a different name, we found him performing oral sex on him. Next, he offered to throw a "sleepy f***" at a stranger. When informed this was rape, he stated - in a humorous fashion - that this was a grey area. Finally, he assaults a blind girl by lying to her and telling her he is wearing a condom. Apparently it's amusing that he put used clingfilm used on a dog bowl plus an elastic band inside a disabled woman. But after all, she was a racist, so she was fair game, right? I'm afraid I don't plan to watch past this episode, enough is enough. Whoever is writing these scripts has some serious sexism issues and should seek help. And the actor playing Rudy should seriously consider whether he thinks having a steady job is worth trivialising and mocking the sexual assault of women.