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  • Season 1
    • Miss BG Gets a Pet/Miss BG vs. the New Babysitter
      Miss BG Gets a Pet: This is when George and BG get a new cute litte hamster who they name Albert. Miss BG vs the New Babysitter: The new babysitter named Terry arrives. BG wants to get rid of her so she devises some plans.
    • Neighbourhood Star / Miss BG and the Snake
      Neighbourhood Star: BG discovers that Brittany-Ann's face is on the box of her favourite cereal, Cube. She refuses to buy any more boxes with Brittany-Ann's face on it. However, George loves Cube cereal too and so BG tells him lies about it. Miss BG and the Snake: A hurt snake arrives at BG's dad's veternarian office. Alex, Gad, and BG want to see and touch the snake. Her dad refuses to let them touch it so they sneak in to only look at it when they're distracted and the snake escapes inside the house.moreless
    • Aunt Alice's Birthday/BG Gets a Valentine
      Aunt Alice's Birthday: It's Aunt Alice's birthday and BG's mom and dad are throwing her a party. Her parents are giving Alice a jewelled bracelet, which BG thinks is ugly. Her dad agrees to let BG wrap it up and so BG lets George hold on to it while she looks for wrapping paper. George plays with Albert using the bracelet and Albert gets stuck in it. Aunt Alice is about to come to the house! BG Gets a Valentine: BG, Alex, Gad and George are playing soccer when they spot a Valentine's day advertisement. BG hates Valentine's Day but when Britanny-Anne boats about her many cards, candy, and flowers, BG says that she gets many of them too. BG now needs to get a valentine so she thinks that wearing a skirt is the way.moreless
    • BG's Sleepover/ Hocus BG
      BG's Sleepover Aunt Alice's apartment is being redecorated. BG is excited that Aunt Alice gets to stay over. She hope that her and Aunt Alice will get to spend a lot of time together. BG is upset when she learns that Aunt Alice will be sleeping George's room alone while BG has to share her room with George.
      Hocus BG: Aunt Alice gets a job as a magician's assistant. BG, Gad, Alex and George play around with her equipment. George goes missing. Was it magic? Or one of BGs tricks?moreless
    • Party Contest / Alien Nightmare
      Party Contest: BG, Gad, and Alex can't wait for Halloween to come so BG decides to throw a pre-Halloween party. They could have Halloween twice! However, after BG disinvites Britanny-Ann, Britanny-Ann decides to organize her own party on the same day. Alien Nightmare: Attack of the Aliens is a movie that is going to be playing on TV. BG is excited but her dad doesn't allow her to watch the horror film. Terry babysits and brings The Adventures of Little Apple for George and BG to watch. George soon falls asleep and so BG watches the alien movie. Weird things begin happening, and leads BG to believe that aliens are taking over.moreless
    • Three New Little Brothers / A Bet is a Bet
      A Bet Is A Bet: BG and Brittany-Ann begin to place bets with each other. BG bets something valuable and she loses it to Brittany-Ann.
    • What a Team / Amnesia
      Amnesia: BG gets the idea to fake amnesia after watching a medical show on television, in order to get out of trouble.
    • The Perch / Operation Albert
      The Perch: BG is accused of something but she thinks that the accusations are false. BG perches out in the treehouse until she's proven innnocent.
    • Fortune Cookies / Monkey Thief
      Fortune Cookies BG gets jealous of Brittany-Ann. Monkey Thief: Alex is told by BG that his brand new video game is stolen by a monkey.
    • Miss BG Feels Guilty / Potted Plant
      Miss BG Feels Guilty: Aunt Alice comes over for a visit and gives everyone gifts. BG thinks the gifts are ugly and lame. BG doesn't understand why her mom would say that the gifts were "gorgeous" when BG knows that's not what she thought of them. BG and George receive badminton sets and when the birdie goes into the house, they discover the gift Alice gave their mom is broken in half. Potted Plant: BG, Alex, and Gad work together to grow pants for the school garden. However, BG would rather learn new skateboarding tricks from Billy instead of taking care of her plant. George wants to take care of a plant too so their mother buys him his own potted plant. George's plant begins to bloom while BG's neglect causes her plant to die.moreless
    • Magic Box / Soap Box
      Magic Box: BG opens up Brittany-Ann's gift by accident. Soap Box: BG, Alex, and Gad prepare for a garage sale. They find BG's dad's old soap box racecar and decide to fix it.
    • The Assignment / The Painting
      The Assignment: BG, Gad and Alex are told to make paper cranes for a school assignment. Gavin and Alex don't make their cranes very well so BG decides to do their work. The Painting: BG's dad is painting a portrait of her mom for an animal charity auction. However, when BG, Gad and Alex take a sneak peek at the potrait, BG accidentally ruins the middle of it.moreless
    • My Dad / My Cousin is a Star
      My Dad: At home, BG's dad is going to stealthily build a secret spy weapon. My Cousin is a Star: Malinda is the pop star that BG wants to see.
    • Don't Believe a Word Albert Says / Dirty Papers
      Don't Believe a Word Albert Says: Brittany-Ann is left with Kayla's hamster Titus for the weekedn. She tricks BG and the others into believing Titus can add and subtract. George is sad because Albert isn't as smart as Titus so BG comes up with a plan to make George happy: Albert can speak! Dirty Papers: Gad has won the Science Award in a National contest. BG is trying to wrap Gad's gift so she makes George do her chores for her. George happily cleans out everything. When BG's dad reminds her to put away the leftover wrapping paper before he leaves, she realizes George may have threw out their dad's tax papers into the trash.moreless
    • Secrets / George's Party
      Secrets: BG and Alex try to find as many "scoops" as they can for the magazine they are creating. George's Party: George invites Billy to his birthday party and BG is shocked and horrified.
    • Miss BG Goes to the Movies / The Report Card
      Miss BG Goes to the Movies: BG lets her friends believe that she saw a scary grownup film at the theatre. The Report Card: BG thinks her excellent grade for essay writing is a mistake and that the teacher has mixed up Brittany-Ann's low mark with hers.
    • Princess BG / Lucky Wheels
      Princess BG: BG convinces Gad to cast her as the Princess for a movie that he writes. However, BG hasn't read the script. Lucky Wheels: BG finds a set of new skateboard wheels in the trash.
    • Photo Album / TV Curfew

      Photo Album: BG's mom wants to use an embarrassing photo of BG at the beach for her article. BG decides to stage her own beach photo at the park.

      TV Curfew: BG’s parents are concerned when they find out BG has been watching tv all day. She is banned for watching tv for a week. To cover this up she lies to her friends and says she is giving up tv on her own. Gad and Alex don’t believe her, so they decide to make up new tv show called Miranda Fly Superspy. They are always talking about it in front of BG. Brittany-Ann pretends she knows about it, and talks about the show. Gad and Alex tell BG which channel the show is on. She and George play Miranda Fly Superspy. She tries to get George to watch it, but he watches Fishy the Fish instead. After BG’s tv ban is over she has to know which channel that show came on. Alex and Gad admit to her that they made up the show Miranda Fly Superspy.

    • Adopted Sister / Game Plan
      Game Plan: BG is doing everything in a rush even playing her favorite board game. Will BG learn to take her time and do things properly.
    • Patience / George's Security Blanket
      Patience:BG wants a pair of roller blades for a rollerblading contest. The store Gad's dad owns is giving away a pair in a raffle. George ends up winning the raffle. BG is disappointed because they are sold out. She wants to use George's pair because they are too big and don't fit him. She tricks George and tells him she can help his feet grow faster. She keeps "borrowing" George's pair.BG does get her own pair and so does her parents.
      George's Security Blanket:
      George has a movie ticket that BG wants but can't get from him. BG is annoyed and hides his security blanket in her toy.moreless
    • Brittany-Ann's Diary / Miss Mom

      Brittany-Ann's Diary: Brittany-Ann plants a diary so that BG will find it. After reading it, BG begins to feel sorry for Brittany Ann.

      Miss Mom: BG wants to be treated more grown up. BG’s mom is sick and needs a rest. BG calls Terri, but she is unavailable. BG decides to take care of the chores herself. She doesn’t tell her mom that Terri can’t come. BG cleans up the house. She doesn’t want George to bother mom sleeping. She orders groceries from the store. She wants to put them away herself.

    • School Project / Last Card
      Last Card: BG becomes obsessed with collecting Yogibobo cards.
    • Perfect Girls / Like Peas in a Pod
    • Promises, Promises / Detective BG
      Promises, Promises: BG begins to make too many promises to everyone. Detective BG: A friend's pastries are missing so BG helps to find them.
    • High Security Treehouse / Dad's Big Blunder
      High Security Treehouse: BG and George discover that Brittany-Ann's house has a big security system when George's firetruck rolls into her yard. A little while later, BG begins to think that Billy has been in the treehouse and decides that the treehouse needs a security system so Gad, Alex, and BG begin boobytrap the treehouse. Dad's Big Blunder: BG's mom is away for a few days so BG wants to do fun things while she and George are with their dad. However, their dad wants to "follow the rules" this time. When BG's old doll gets ruined in the wash, George becomes really sad but their dad thinks BG is the one who is depressed. However, that is not true. He decides to do whatever she wants to do and give her whatever she wants in the effort to cheer her up.moreless
    • Pick Me! / Hard Lesson
      Pick Me!: BG wants Gad to come with her to a magic show while Alex wants Gad to come with him to a basketball game. Gad doesn't know which event he wants to go to and is continually being pressured by both BG and Alex to decide. Hard Lesson: BG signs up to be a volunteer to sell vouchers for a charity show to help underprivileged kids. However, she discovers Brittany-Ann is selling them too. George gets sick and soon BG finds an advantage over Brittany-Ann.moreless
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