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Thursday 5:00 PM on TVO Premiered Sep 06, 2005 In Season


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  • Miss BG is an annoying child with low-self esteem who never learns.

    Miss BG is a dreadful role model for children. The main character is a needy, jealous little girl with a king-sized inferiority complex who constantly lies, schemes and manipulates her friends and family to get attention for herself. She supposely "learns her lesson" for about 2 minutes at the end of each episode and then is back to the same annoying bad behavior the next episode. If you want to teach your kids to be little manipulators - and not very clever ones - this show will set the example. Every episode is based on this girl's scheming and deception to make herself important. I don't see the appeal.
  • I know my little sis watches it, so why not me? If she can watch it, I can watch it, right?

    Miss BG is a Canadian children's television show aired only on 1 station, (I beleive) and I think that's Qubo. (For locals it's channel 49.2 or 2.1) At first when I heard about the show I thought it would be another one of those shows that annoys the crud out of you every time the remote turns to that preticular channel. But Miss BG delivers what seems lots of fun when you're just laying around eating pretzels. Miss BG sure does have an interesting character although. She is always getting into trouble and blaming it on her little brother and her little brother always ends up telling the truth, which reminds me of my relationship with my sister. So if you're willing to actually watch a kid's show, you just might enjoy this one. Miss BG gets a 7.8 from me.
  • Yes this is a children's television show. But Miss BG is a great show for anyone, no matter what age.

    There is not much activity in this guide, which surprised me when I first checked it. Miss BG is a very good show for kids, teaching them lessons and such.

    I admit, the only reason I watched this show the first few times was because I was extremely bored and nothing else was on after school TV. However, I grew to like it because George is so adorable and Albert the hamster is so cute. In between transitioning scenes there are clips of Albert that are so awesome.

    BG can be annoying at times because she does some stupid things. Her friends are there to talk some sense into her. I guess they all balance each other out.

    All in all, a really good show. I hope Miss BG will be a long running program.