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Miss BG

Thursday 5:00 PM on TVO Premiered Sep 06, 2005 In Season


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  • Yes this is a children's television show. But Miss BG is a great show for anyone, no matter what age.

    There is not much activity in this guide, which surprised me when I first checked it. Miss BG is a very good show for kids, teaching them lessons and such.

    I admit, the only reason I watched this show the first few times was because I was extremely bored and nothing else was on after school TV. However, I grew to like it because George is so adorable and Albert the hamster is so cute. In between transitioning scenes there are clips of Albert that are so awesome.

    BG can be annoying at times because she does some stupid things. Her friends are there to talk some sense into her. I guess they all balance each other out.

    All in all, a really good show. I hope Miss BG will be a long running program.
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