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This comedy series follows Becky Freeley, a woman working as a guidance counselor at the Glen Ellen High School which she once attended. She tries to help guide the students so that they will cope with high school better than she did. She also interacts with other teachers and Principal Huffy.

Ashton Kutcher, famous for his roles in That 70's Show and as the host of the MTV show Punk'd, will be involved as an executive producer. Other executives will be Mark Hudis, Karey Burke, Jason Goldberg, Gabrielle Allan and Todd Holland. The first episode will be directed by Todd Holland.
7 episodes were ordered by ABC. Miss Guided has been produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Katalyst Films.

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  • Chris Parnell

    Chris Parnell

    Vice Principal Bruce Terry

    Judy Greer

    Judy Greer

    Becky Freeley

    Brooke Burns

    Brooke Burns

    Lisa Germain

    Kristoffer Polaha

    Kristoffer Polaha

    Tim O'Malley

    Earl Billings

    Earl Billings

    Principal Huffy

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    • Miss Guided is about Becky Freely, a guidance councilor. She is working at the same high school that she attended, where she wasn't very popular.

      Miss Guided is a clever show with a great cast. Judy Greer plays Becky Freely so perfectly. Greer has this sort of awkwardness to her portrayal of Becky that is more charming than annoying which is hard to do. The show is quite funny. Becky is always competing with Lisa, which always proves to be comical. The guest stars are fun and well acted. Ashton Kutcher playing the hot Spanish teacher is great and that he likes Becky is a funny plot choice. I am disappointed that there are only seven episodes of Miss Guided, I think that it should have stayed on air and that ABC made a big mistake.moreless
    • Unlike its title, this show is anything but mis(s)guided.

      Considering that ABC basically cancelled this show even before it started to air it by cutting down the episode order number I fully expected that they have another comedy bomb in their hands as sual. But Miss/Guided turned out to be quite a funny and charming show.

      Judy Greer brings most of the shows whackyness int the mix, but supporting characters elp out to - mainly Chris Parnell as the closeted vice principal.

      The 7 filmed episode provide great variety and the show is never boring.

      It's a pity ABC cancelled Miss/Guided because it fit perfectly in tone and charm with (slightly superior) Samantha Who?moreless
    • This series could have used some guidence counciling to make the characters three-dimensional.

      I was excited to see Miss Guided because I thought it was a nice premise and I was intersted to see Judy Greer out of her normal supporting role but I was pretty disappointed. It almost seemed to have took a different turn from the average sitcom premise and cliche but didn't improve upon it, just brought it into school. There's no lie, some of the lines were funny, but not enough to carry the series. Becky Freely's naiveness wasn't endearing, it was just discomforting. All the character's seemed so unreal, like they never let you forget you were watching a television show with actors and scripts. I wasn't suprised it was cancelled, it seemed to be filler. Despite all of Miss Guided flaws, they're were some definitely funny lines and I believe the undeniable charm the show had would make me want to watch the nonexistant season two.moreless
    • This show is awesome...

      I actually set up an account just incase the "BigWigs" at ABC care to see what it's rated as!

      Show is perfect!

      If this show was cancelled I would be very ticked off, as I've grown attached to these characters... much like the Office in it's first season and the uncertainty surrounding the show. Let's hope for a successful outcome, much like they've experienced!

      Also, this 100 word count to post a review is crazy, sometimes you can sum up an episode a lot quicker than that... especially if it's BAD! Final thing on Miss Guided... Watch it, you will love it in 100 words!moreless
    • It took a few episodes to get into, but then it gets great!

      Months and months and months ago when I first heard of this project I was skeptical: I didn't think it would be very good and it wouldn't suit me at all. After watching the pilot I was inclined to agree with my earlier self. However, I perceviered with it and come episode 3 this show really came into its own. I know think it is hilarious!

      In my opinion, the best episode is number 4, "Rebel Yell" where the staff break into the school at night.

      However, I don't believe this series would be half as good if it wasn't for Bruce Terry, portrayed by Saturday Night Live allumni Chris Parnell. The character is hilarious and really makes the show, otherwise it may go "stale".

      This is a great series and I only hope ABC picks it up for a second season.moreless
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