Miss Guided

Season 1 Episode 2

Hot Sub

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC
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Hot Sub
Becky finds herself in an awkward situation when a handsome Spanish substitute teacher pursues her instead of Lisa. His presence also threatens Tim's position at the school. When the substitute's influence has a negative effect on one of Becky's students, she has to put the hot sub in his place.moreless

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  • Loved it.

    When i viwed episode 1 i was still undicided on the show but after viwing this episode i so loved it it's so funny! Jamie-Lynn was funnier in this than her sister on How I met your mother. Also Ashton Kutcher does a great guest spot on the show. Judy Greer shows she is so funny i mean i've seen her in 1 or 2 comedies but she never really popped out i mean i love her but she has never shown she is funny but with this show she proves me wrong! Also the are they arn't they love story is getting better every episode!moreless
  • Awesome... a REAL persons second opinion!

    I actually set up an account just incase the "BigWigs" at ABC care to see what it's rated as!

    Show is perfect!

    If this show was cancelled I would be very ticked off, as I've grown attached to these characters... much like the Office in it's first season and the uncertainty surrounding the show. Let's hope for a successful outcome, much like they've experienced!

    Also, this 100 word count to post a review is crazy, sometimes you can sum up an episode a lot quicker than that... especially if it's BAD! Final thing on Miss Guided... Watch it, you will love it in 100 words!moreless
  • Was not really looking forward to the 'Ashton Kutcher' episode (not a big fan - or a hater, kinda neutral), but I have to admit he did very well as the 'travelling sub'-stitue teacher in this one.moreless

    There's a 'Hot Sub' Spanish teacher (exec. producer and guest star, Ashton Kutcher), who threatens in-house hunk, Tim O'Malley's job, and all of the girls - from freshmen to 60-year-old cafeteria workers - are falling head over heels to impress him.

    Of course Becky is torn between her loyalty and crush on Tim and trying to beat out rival Lisa for Kutcher's (Beaux's) attention. Everyone falls for Beaux's con-man-like style - especially Vice Principal Terry (SNL's Chris Parnell) - but Becky smells a rat. Becky is also all-a-twitter over having gotten Mandy (guest star Jamie Lynn Spears) into college - Tim figured she'd end up a stripper - to add a secondary story line.

    This show is moving right along, and while not in my (14-34?) demographic, this show seems to be headed in a nice direction. If you judge this show and this episode on its own merits and for what it is supposed to be, it does very well. I can visualize loads of interesting, funny stories down the road - so I'll keep watching as long as they keep delivering.moreless
  • Anything with Ashton Kutcher has to be above average.

    I missed the pilot so this was my first episode. First, I like Judy Greer in this show. She's does a great job delivering her lines with a blank stare. Most of the humor is very simple but it works. In this episode, Ashton Kutcher is a hot substitute Spanish teacher. When he first walks into the school with the guitar on his back, I couldn't help but laugh, especially when the custodian opens her blouse and motions for him to call her. His pursuit of Becky is also funny, especially when he stands under her window with the boombox. I know that's from a movie but I can't place it right now. All in all this was a fun episode to watch.moreless

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    • Bruce: As many of you know, Senora Henderson has been trying to get pregnant for some time now but her body has failed her yet again. So, she left the country to get herself a baby. Let's hope she picks a winner.

    • Principal Huffy: I will be conducting performance evaluations this week, so if I'm in your class don't be alarmed. I'm there because I'm judging you.

    • Becky: Underneath this sunny demeanor, there's a bulldog, especially when it comes to my students. And if I have to, I'll tear your face off and eat it raw... Obviously not you personally, but you know what I mean.
      Tim: Sure. I love dogs.

    • Becky: (after being hit on by Beaux, the hot sub) Guys like Tim are worth fighting for. Guys like Beaux never give girls like me the time of day unless they want something like money. (intakes breath, lowers voice to a whisper) Or sex.

    • Bruce: Do you think O'Malley will cry when we fire him?
      Principal Huffy: We're not firing anybody. If we decide to keep this guy, Tim can go back to teaching shop.
      Bruce: Shop, yes. Thank God for the dumb kids.

    • Beaux: (trying to seduce Becky) I love this broach. Is that the Aztec symbol for spiritual metamorphosis?
      Becky: It's a bug.
      Beaux: Right...

    • Tim: Hey... nice work on Mandy Ferner. I thought she was going straight to 'Girls, Girls, Girls' by the airport.
      Becky: I don't know what that is.
      Tim: (feigning ignorance) Me neither.

    • Beaux: Where did you get this suit?
      Bruce: Police auction.
      Beaux: Finally, a man who knows the value of a dollar.
      Bruce: For 65 bucks I got this suit, a VCR and 3 snow tires.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Becky: You totally stole that from Good Will Hunting!

      This is a reference to the 1997 Academy Award winning movie, Good Will Hunting, which was written by best friends, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

    • Beaux standing under Becky's window with a boombox raised up to her is an allusion to the famous "In Your Eyes" scene in the Cameron Crowe movie Say Anything, where John Cusack's character is woeing Ione Skye's.