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  • This series could have used some guidence counciling to make the characters three-dimensional.

    I was excited to see Miss Guided because I thought it was a nice premise and I was intersted to see Judy Greer out of her normal supporting role but I was pretty disappointed. It almost seemed to have took a different turn from the average sitcom premise and cliche but didn't improve upon it, just brought it into school. There's no lie, some of the lines were funny, but not enough to carry the series. Becky Freely's naiveness wasn't endearing, it was just discomforting. All the character's seemed so unreal, like they never let you forget you were watching a television show with actors and scripts. I wasn't suprised it was cancelled, it seemed to be filler. Despite all of Miss Guided flaws, they're were some definitely funny lines and I believe the undeniable charm the show had would make me want to watch the nonexistant season two.
  • This new half-hour comedy is set to be a mid-season replacement for ABC, taking over for whichever new fall sitcom ends up getting pulled by the spring season. As a result, no timeslot has been set, but that doesn't make its premise any less appealing.

    Tommy S.

    "Miss/Guided" is one of the many new comedies set to debut on ABC this season, but unlike most of them, this one stands out ... and in a good way. Created and developed by Ashton Kutcher and directed by Emmy Award-winner Todd Holland, this new sitcom stars Judy Greer as Becky Freeley, a guidance counselor who, ironically enough, was a social outcast and underachiever herself in high school. Now that things in her life have changed for the better, Becky Freeley goes on a mission to help students who are just as confused and distressed as she was (and yes, that does become the main focus for each episodic storyline), tackling common teen issues such as unwanted pregnancies, adolescence, failing grades, eating disorders, academic pressures, and more. But don't get the wrong idea. This is not a drama or emotionally heavy in nature; the show's primary purpose is to make you laugh. At the same time, Freeley deals with a former rival in high school turned fellow faculty member, as they battle each other for the affections of a certain foreign language teacher. "Miss/Guided" takes a look at not only both the student body and faculty sides of high school, but also revolves around the idea of both students and teachers getting "second chances." The show will most likely debut in one of three half-hour timeslots, in place of either "Cavemen" or "Carpoolers" on Tuesday nights, or in place of "Sam I Am" on Monday nights, dependent on which of those shows get canned. In the rare case that every one of ABC's new fall shows get picked up ... well ... historically, that's completely unheard of, so I wouldn't worry about "Miss/Guided" never making it on the air.

    My Predicted Survival Rating for "Miss/Guided" on ABC:
    35% chance of being renewed
  • A goofy kid in high school becomes a goofy adult in high school

    For only seeing the first two episodes i thought this show has the ability to be pretty funny. the characters are funny with some actual depth and everybody who's old enough remembers how awkward high school was for some people or how if you had the chance to go back and redo high school that you wouldn't change some things about it or help out kids because you know all the things that went on. Its funny to see her as a counselor because of all the crazy things that happened in her time you wouldnt think she would be very great of a role model to younger kids. The show blew me away with its witty banter and i cant wait to see this show stick around
  • Very Cool Show

    "Miss Guided" is a new show that aired March 17th 2008 on ABC. Its about a lady who goes to work at her former high school as a guidance counsler. There uhave been many guest start appearances by familar faces in the first couple of episodes. I hope this show lasts along time. if it goes soon we should send in peanuts in protest! Just like people saved Jerico. Im not sure how many people like it so early on in the run but I think it was a really good idea for a show. I hope others like it too.
  • A cross between 'The Office' and 'Legally Blonde' except I enjoyed the both of them, but not this.

    In order for you to appreciate a show, you have to appreciate the characters. Quite frankly the main character annoyed me at the beginning of the pilot that I couldn't even like the other characters on the show. The story line is an interesting take; a guidance counselor in school, but it begins to get typical when we are introduced to a love interest of hers and the possible competition for her. I could practically tell what would happen in the entire episode one quarter into the pilot, which left little room for suspense. This act has been done many times on television. The episode bored me soon enough as I could not tune into the last half of it. I would not tune into any other episodes as there are much better comedies on television.
  • Unlike its title, this show is anything but mis(s)guided.

    Considering that ABC basically cancelled this show even before it started to air it by cutting down the episode order number I fully expected that they have another comedy bomb in their hands as sual. But Miss/Guided turned out to be quite a funny and charming show.

    Judy Greer brings most of the shows whackyness int the mix, but supporting characters elp out to - mainly Chris Parnell as the closeted vice principal.

    The 7 filmed episode provide great variety and the show is never boring.

    It's a pity ABC cancelled Miss/Guided because it fit perfectly in tone and charm with (slightly superior) Samantha Who?
  • high school meets The Office

    With Ashton Kutcher as the executive producer, this show could hardly be bad. He definitely brings his edgy sense of style to the show. Miss Guided is nothing like real high school, but why would we want it to be? It's so much more fun to watch Judy Greer play the good-girl-wants-to-be-bad character. Chris Parnell is excellent as Bruce, the vice principal with a bit of a Napoleon complex. With film noir style addresses to the audience and teachers who act worse than the students, Miss Guided is fun to watch and easy to get lost in. I hope it will last because it is nice to have a reprieve from reality tv and crime dramas.
  • This is way out of my demographic, but I'm a fan of Judy Greer since her appearance on Two and a Half Men last year, and I like Chris Parnell and Brooke Burns, so I figured I'd give it a look-see.

    It's only one episode, but there are some things that we already know. The characters are subject to turn and talk to the camera and give us some backstory or their thoughts, there will be some cutaways to past histories and this is a 'cute' little high school-themed show with some adult references that will titillate older age groups.

    The main character is Judy Greer's, Becky Freeley (I will await the first 'I. P.' joke), who is a naive, starry-eyed guidance counselor in denial about life's hardships, who loves her students as well as the new Spanish teacher, Tim (Kristoffer Pohala). Her nemesis is former homecoming queen, Lisa (Brooke Burns) who 'crapped' all over Becky when they attended high school together and who also has her sights set on our erstwhile Timmy.

    Chris Parnell (SNL) is the smarmy, officious vice-principal that we all know and hate and there is a 'sleeper' character in Principal Huffy (Earl Billings), who may just turn out to be the added comic relief that puts this show over the hump.

    You have to judge this show in the context it has chosen for itself if you want to enjoy it. If you're looking to hate something, I'm sure you can tell us all that it is an unoriginal premise about high school kids. If that is the case, I suggest that you come up with a brand new concept, that no one else has thought of, and produce your own show and sell it to a network. TV should always have at least one high school comedy on the schedule and this one is just fine with me.
  • It took a few episodes to get into, but then it gets great!

    Months and months and months ago when I first heard of this project I was skeptical: I didn't think it would be very good and it wouldn't suit me at all. After watching the pilot I was inclined to agree with my earlier self. However, I perceviered with it and come episode 3 this show really came into its own. I know think it is hilarious!

    In my opinion, the best episode is number 4, "Rebel Yell" where the staff break into the school at night.

    However, I don't believe this series would be half as good if it wasn't for Bruce Terry, portrayed by Saturday Night Live allumni Chris Parnell. The character is hilarious and really makes the show, otherwise it may go "stale".

    This is a great series and I only hope ABC picks it up for a second season.

    I like the quirkiness of it all… It reminds me a little of Scrubs… I think that with time this may flesh out to be a good show! It does not hurt that there are some good characters on the show… I especially liked Judy Greer's Character, she reminded me of a female JD from Scrubs… I also liked the fact that it's set in High School… I don't know how long it's been since there has been a good school comedy? We can all relate to High School… We've all been there. a a a a a a a a
  • This show is awesome...

    I actually set up an account just incase the "BigWigs" at ABC care to see what it's rated as!

    Show is perfect!

    If this show was cancelled I would be very ticked off, as I've grown attached to these characters... much like the Office in it's first season and the uncertainty surrounding the show. Let's hope for a successful outcome, much like they've experienced!

    Also, this 100 word count to post a review is crazy, sometimes you can sum up an episode a lot quicker than that... especially if it's BAD! Final thing on Miss Guided... Watch it, you will love it in 100 words!
  • Well it took me a few episodes to get into this after i was actually disappointed at first but now since ep4 i must say this show has really picked up ..

    Well it took me a few episodes to get into this after i was actually disappointed at first but now since ep4 i must say this show has really picked up .. i hope this show wont get trashed seeing its been shown with double episodes ... it seems the writers really warmed up after a few episodes and now this really is kickin it .. the characters are now really working and starting to make sense .. i love watchin it at my lunch break after havin it recorded .. i gotta be careful that i dont choke on something while laughing and eating :-)) ace !
  • I love this show! I laugh all the way through it. It been a long time since anything has been on TV this funny. I love the guidance counselor.

    I love this show! I laugh all the way through it. It has been a long time since anything this funny has been on TV.
    I love the guidance counselor, I've always been for the underdog. I see a little of me in her. Always close but still always slightly missing the main prize. I hope it becomes a show that comes on every season. We needed a real funny,funny comedy on TV and this is it. It reminded me of the comedies that use to be on TV like The Beverly Hillbillies, Leave it to Beaver and The Jeffersons. Comedies when you laughed from the start to the finish.
  • If only my high school guidance counselor had been this helpful, perky, and entertaining.

    Another delightfully bright and cheery comedy. I only hope it won't get lost when ABC's heavy hitters come back with new material. Like "30 Rock", these episodes are short and sweet half-hour gems. And like "The Office", sometimes the characters interact one-on-one with the camera, speaking their mind (or the truth as they see it) directly to the viewers. It's little things like that that help give this show a wonderfully fresh feel that I find irresistible.

    Teachers and faculty: they're people too. I had no idea Judy Greer could carry a leading role, but she does it easily. Greer loosens up as Becky Freeley, the very impressionable, yet cheerfully friendly high school counselor who is still struggling to shed her own awkward ways and fit in with the "cool crowd". Some of my favorite moments are the hilariously authentic-looking and ever-embarrassing flashbacks to Becky's old high school days. Whether it's her parents' camcorder recording as she delivers her pathetic one-liner in the school's play, or the documenting of Becky's agonizing and tearful departure from the debate team, grainy clips from the 80's have never looked so humiliating. I'm sold.
  • Miss Guided is about Becky Freely, a guidance councilor. She is working at the same high school that she attended, where she wasn't very popular.

    Miss Guided is a clever show with a great cast. Judy Greer plays Becky Freely so perfectly. Greer has this sort of awkwardness to her portrayal of Becky that is more charming than annoying which is hard to do. The show is quite funny. Becky is always competing with Lisa, which always proves to be comical. The guest stars are fun and well acted. Ashton Kutcher playing the hot Spanish teacher is great and that he likes Becky is a funny plot choice. I am disappointed that there are only seven episodes of Miss Guided, I think that it should have stayed on air and that ABC made a big mistake.