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ABC (ended 2008)


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  • This new half-hour comedy is set to be a mid-season replacement for ABC, taking over for whichever new fall sitcom ends up getting pulled by the spring season. As a result, no timeslot has been set, but that doesn't make its premise any less appealing.

    Tommy S.

    "Miss/Guided" is one of the many new comedies set to debut on ABC this season, but unlike most of them, this one stands out ... and in a good way. Created and developed by Ashton Kutcher and directed by Emmy Award-winner Todd Holland, this new sitcom stars Judy Greer as Becky Freeley, a guidance counselor who, ironically enough, was a social outcast and underachiever herself in high school. Now that things in her life have changed for the better, Becky Freeley goes on a mission to help students who are just as confused and distressed as she was (and yes, that does become the main focus for each episodic storyline), tackling common teen issues such as unwanted pregnancies, adolescence, failing grades, eating disorders, academic pressures, and more. But don't get the wrong idea. This is not a drama or emotionally heavy in nature; the show's primary purpose is to make you laugh. At the same time, Freeley deals with a former rival in high school turned fellow faculty member, as they battle each other for the affections of a certain foreign language teacher. "Miss/Guided" takes a look at not only both the student body and faculty sides of high school, but also revolves around the idea of both students and teachers getting "second chances." The show will most likely debut in one of three half-hour timeslots, in place of either "Cavemen" or "Carpoolers" on Tuesday nights, or in place of "Sam I Am" on Monday nights, dependent on which of those shows get canned. In the rare case that every one of ABC's new fall shows get picked up ... well ... historically, that's completely unheard of, so I wouldn't worry about "Miss/Guided" never making it on the air.

    My Predicted Survival Rating for "Miss/Guided" on ABC:
    35% chance of being renewed