Miss Guided

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • If only my high school guidance counselor had been this helpful, perky, and entertaining.

    Another delightfully bright and cheery comedy. I only hope it won't get lost when ABC's heavy hitters come back with new material. Like "30 Rock", these episodes are short and sweet half-hour gems. And like "The Office", sometimes the characters interact one-on-one with the camera, speaking their mind (or the truth as they see it) directly to the viewers. It's little things like that that help give this show a wonderfully fresh feel that I find irresistible.

    Teachers and faculty: they're people too. I had no idea Judy Greer could carry a leading role, but she does it easily. Greer loosens up as Becky Freeley, the very impressionable, yet cheerfully friendly high school counselor who is still struggling to shed her own awkward ways and fit in with the "cool crowd". Some of my favorite moments are the hilariously authentic-looking and ever-embarrassing flashbacks to Becky's old high school days. Whether it's her parents' camcorder recording as she delivers her pathetic one-liner in the school's play, or the documenting of Becky's agonizing and tearful departure from the debate team, grainy clips from the 80's have never looked so humiliating. I'm sold.