Miss Guided

ABC (ended 2008)


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  • A cross between 'The Office' and 'Legally Blonde' except I enjoyed the both of them, but not this.

    In order for you to appreciate a show, you have to appreciate the characters. Quite frankly the main character annoyed me at the beginning of the pilot that I couldn't even like the other characters on the show. The story line is an interesting take; a guidance counselor in school, but it begins to get typical when we are introduced to a love interest of hers and the possible competition for her. I could practically tell what would happen in the entire episode one quarter into the pilot, which left little room for suspense. This act has been done many times on television. The episode bored me soon enough as I could not tune into the last half of it. I would not tune into any other episodes as there are much better comedies on television.