Miss Marple

Season 4 Episode 2

A Caribbean Mystery

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 1989 on BBC Two

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  • A relaxing holiday in the sun seems just the ticket for Miss Marple. But murder - and perhaps also madness - intervene.

    Was this the very best of the Miss Marple episodes? Certainly, it's a wonderful entertainment, and the double-act of the infinitely polite, but rock-firm, spinster (wonderful Joan Hickson) and the boorish, outrageous, say-anything self-made millionaire Mr. Rafiel (an equally wonderful Donald Pleasence) is utterly inspired. From opposite ends of the spectrum, these two very clever people contrive to solve a trio of appalling murders and end up as unlikely, but very real mutually-respecting friends. Director Christopher Petit, who, only a few years earlier, had made such an awful mess of P.D. James's excellent story "An Unsuitable Job For A Woman" (for the 1982 film version) here atones for previous sins with his quietly assured and unshowy handling of an excellent script.