Miss Marple

Season 2 Episode 3

A Murder Is Announced, Part One

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1985 on BBC Two

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  • Who would announce a murder in a newspaper advertisement? And why is the victim a man unknown to everyone else at the scene of the crime?

    An ingenious plot, nicely involving Miss Marple at the very beginning and then not again until after the murder has been committed - because of this seemingly irrelevant prologue, she has knowledge that others don't have. But it isn't just the plot that makes this such a good episode. Rather, it's the humanity shown to the characters, so that even the killer has, amidst terrible deeds, a truly pitiable aspect. "English reserve" becomes both a mask for cruelty and a salve for intolerable pain - and how powerful it is when that reserve is stripped away! The terrible, animal cry uttered by Miss Hinchcliffe (Paola Dionisotti) on discovering the corpse of her friend isn't easily forgotten.
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