Miss Marple

Season 2 Episode 3

A Murder Is Announced, Part One

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1985 on BBC Two



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    • Hannah: The door bell rings, I answer the door, the door bell rings again, I answer the door again,the door bell rings again, I answer the door again, the door bell rings again...
      Det. Inspector Craddock: After the guests have all arived
      Hannah: Oh... I go to the dinning room to clean the silver, I hear shots, I scream, somebody turns the key and lets me out, I scream again, somebody hits me! I see blood.
      Det. Inspector Craddock: You scream again?
      Hannah: I think so. Are you going to arrest me?
      Det. Inspector Craddock: Not today.

    • Mrs. Swettenham: People don't announce murders! Marriages yes, but not murders. Put that dreadful paper down, and have a look.
      Edmund Swettenham: [Reading the Daily Worker] It isn't a dreadful paper.
      Mrs. Swettenham: You're not even a worker!
      Edmund Swettenham: I'm writing a book!
      Mrs. Swettenham: I mean real work.

    • [Mrs Harmon nearly trips over her cat]
      Mrs Harmon: Oh, do be careful, Delilah!
      Det. Inspector Craddock: Delilah?
      Mrs Harmon: My husband named her that. I'm afraid her moral standards are rather similar!

    • Miss Lettie Blacklock: Is this your idea of a joke, Patrick?
      Patrick Simmons: I can think of much better jokes than announcing a murder in the local rag!

    • Dora Bunner: Well, young Edmund Swettenham moons around her a bit. He's a very odd young man - writes books - and I - I have heard that he's a - a Communist!
      Miss Jane Marple: Oh really, yes, well he must be rather lonely in Chipping Cleghorn.

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