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Miss Match

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Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, The Crush) stars as Kate Fox in this charming drama from Emmy-Award winning executive producers Darren Star (Sex and the City) and Jeff Rake (The Practice). In addition to being a sharp divorce attorney in her father's law firm, Kate Fox has a knack for matchmaking, which she considers a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate for her romantic success in the press and word of her talent spreads. Soon, to the dismay of her father, Jerry (Ryan O'Neal, Love Story), and her reluctant legal partner Nick (James Roday, First Years), Kate is juggling the conflicting worlds of divorce and true love. With her best friend Victoria (Lake Bell, War Stories) at her side, Kate is determined to bring a little romance into the world, perhaps finding her own true love in the process. Rounding out the cast are David Conrad (Men of Honor) as Michael, a potential love interest for Kate, and Jodi Long (All-American Girl) as nosy office receptionist Claire. Miss Match is produced by 20th Television with Imagine Entertainment and Darren Star Productions. Brian Grazer (24) and David Nevins also serve as executive producers. The series was cancelled and unaired episodes were shelved. The complete series, including unaired episodes, aired in the UK channel Living in Spring 2004. The entire Miss Match show (with the exception of episodes 12 and 14) ran in Croatia on HRT 1, Winter 2005. The title of the show is Par nepar. The show aired in Finland on channel SubTV during Summer 2005. All the unaired episodes, except episode 12, were shown. The show was called Amorin apulainen (translated "Amor's helper"). Macy Gray performed the Miss Match theme song, Love Is Gonna Get You. Alicia Silverstone was nominated at the 2004 Golden Globe Awards and at the Golden Satellite Award in the category of "Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy" for her role on the show.moreless

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    • Kate Fox (Alicia Silverstone)Is A Lawyer Working For Her Father's Company, Who Doubles As A Matchmaker In Her Spare Time.

      Kate Fox Is A Lawyer Working In Her Father's Company, She Doubles As A Matchmaker In Her Spare Time, She Sets Up Dates For Her Clients.

      She Discovers Romance Herself In The Process, Falling In Love With A Certain Guy ;)

      She Has A Best Friend Called Victoria (Lake Bell), Who Kate Sets Up Dates For, But With No Success :(.

      This Show Is Great, Not Only Is It Funny, But Also Very Lighthearted Which I Love!

      Alicia Silverstone Makes Me Laugh As Kate And Lake Bell Made Me Laugh As Victoria.

      I Wish This Show Hadn't Ended, They Should Bring It Back As Soon As Possible!moreless
    • Miss Match deserved to be on DVD

      Really enjoyed the Miss Match series when it was airing. Like many shows the episodes were shown out of order or not at all, in some cases. The casting of the characters was excellent. Really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and the overall story lines in the show. While many lesser shows have shown up on DVD for some reason Miss Match is one of those shows that has not been released on DVD. Is it a marketing decision - just not enough interest or is there some legal reasons stopping the release of the show to DVD??? This is a show that I would enjoy seeing again.moreless
    • A lawyer who is a match maker why didn't anyone come up with this sooner? It's original and a fantastic idea for a show. Well I think so.

      Finally theres a show that we havn't seen on television before, it's about time. I dout that there are lawyers out there who are also match makers so Miss Match is an interesting show to watch. It's full of drama and romance. The characters are all unique and strong and play a main part in the show. Which is different! Katy seriously should stop finding everyone else the perfect partner and find her own. I think that Katy and Micheal should get together they are perfect for each other. I also think that Micheals ex-girlfriend or whatever she is, should get over herself and realise that Micheal doesn't love her anymore and should move on with her life instaed of stopping Kate and Micheal from being together. Hopefully Miss Match will be back for a second season as there is alot more that could happen with Kate, her match making and the lawferm!moreless
    • Lacked Originality

      The show lacked what other shows had, its target audience was neither teenage or adult, and with its friday night death slot, it had to go. It started out well with Alicia Silerstones character setting up her friend with Micheal, and in the stereotypical style she ended up falling for Micheal, after her friends suspisions. That is when i stopped watching because it became boring and repetitive, it seemed to predictable as she started to date Micheal, and the "love therapist" that she went to just seemed weird. I love Alicia Silverstone but this show was a bomb!moreless
    • I love this show!

      Oh the joys of working late mornings when have awake you flip on the television and come across this show on channel 4 and think hey thats Alicia Silverstone; ok I will give it a shot, and am I glad that I did! Unfortunetly the episodes didn't air in order on Channel 4 but I have since watched them in order (which makes them better). Just like Kate I am a hopeless romantic so I liked seeing her setting people up and helping couples who were drifting apart. Plus for that type of show it had a lot of well known cast members (but they may not have been so famous when the show aired). My only complaint is that for soem reason episode 12 never aired anywhere so I havn't seen it! :(moreless

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