Miss Match

Season 1 Episode 15

Divorce Happens

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Kate's old classmate Serena Lockner is back and this time she wants Kate to represent her client in his divorce case. Her client is Stu Scott, TV's marriage counselor nicknamed 'Dr. Love'. Some Dr. Love he is as his wife seeks a divorce on account of his 'philandering'.

Mr. Scott is also writing a book called 'Divorce Happens', documenting his divorce from his wife Susan. Serena wants Jerry to write a foreword for the book, and he agrees, seeking a little leg-up on the social ladder. Professionally they don't see eye to eye -- but romantically they hit it off and their business dinner continues in the wee hours. When Kate finds out, she's really upset and attempts to torpedo his father's relationship right from the start.

At the end of the day, Stu Scott and his wife Susan patch things up. The book deal is off, and so is Jerry's foreword. But will he continue to see Serena?

Kate wants to set up Lauren's ex Adam with her friend Victoria. But Adam flirts openly with Kate, even though she insists that she's now seriously involved with Michael. She's looking forward to Adam and Lauren's divorce finally being sealed so that Adam can move away from Michael's place -- and leave town. Adam, however, has a surprise for the both of them. He's bought a lot for building a house. He's moving back to L.A. and wants Michael to design his house.

Lauren files a malpractice suit against the company, seeking $10 million in damage. Kate and Jerry try to settle the case, and offer her $200,000 instead. Lauren refuses their offer. After their meeting, Kate bumps into Lauren in the ladies' room. Kate hears her being sick and is worried about Lauren's health. It turns out Lauren is not sick, she's pregnant! But who is the father?
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