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How You Can Help a.k.a. A Note from the Editor

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    There's still some things that are missing from the Miss Match guide. If you're willing to pitch in, here's what you can do:

    1) Information about Episode 12: All in the Family
    I'm a bit puzzled by this episode. Has it ever aired anywhere in the world? If it has, no one has bothered to write a recap. If you have seen this episode, please please PLEASE write a recap! I'm dying to know what happened.

    2) Write recaps for the following episodes:
    - Episodes 5-11: very short recaps, more like extended summaries
    - Episode 12: no recap (see explanation above)
    - Episode 14: short recap

    If you don't have access to the episodes (e.g. on video), you can go to Television Without Pity. They have very long (several pages!) recaps of the 11 episodes that aired in the U.S., spiced with the writer's own comments. They can be used to recreate the episodes if you don't remember exactly what happened. But don't plagiarize!

    EDIT 11/28/06: Many thanks to lindauk for submitting recaps for episodes 2-4!

    3) Production codes
    Production codes are needed for episodes 5-9, 12 and 14. They are printed at the very end of the closing credits, just about the last frame before production company logos. And could someone also double-check the production #'s for episodes 1 and 2 because they do not seem to be following the same pattern as the rest of the episodes.
    EDIT: I was able to find the missing production codes using the U.S. Copyright Office search tool. However, the don't seem to be following the entirely same pattern as the rest of the episodes, so it would be welcome if someone could doublecheck the production codes in the closing credits.

    4) International air dates
    Calling all international TV.com users! If Miss Match has aired in your country, please provide notes about air dates, channels etc. Any other information, especially about the unaired episodes (in the U.S.) is also welcome!

    5) Quotes
    The dialogue on Miss Match was superb so there's still bound to be some funny quotes that haven't found their way into the guide.

    6) Banner
    If a staff member is reading this, the show could also use a banner.
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    I love the show!! Do you know were I can download or buy some episodes??

    kind regards!
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    Hey i know iam brining up an old thread but just like to point out that Miss Match is being shown on E4 on Channel4 if you need to fill in some details about airing etc
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    Hi. I'm portuguese, and Miss Match is airing on cable here, in a channel owned by FOX, "Fox Life". I'm watching ep. 11 now, but 12 is next. I'll try to watch for the info which is missing, and post it here next...

    Edit: Turns out the network had the wrong info in their web, it's airing 10 and 11... Bad luck for all of us...

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