Miss Match

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • This series has soo much promise unfounatly it got cancelled

    As a massive Alicia Sliverstone Fan, i was so looking forward to this series but when i found out it got cancelled i was really annoyed. i admit it wasn't brilannt series but it could at least lasted 2 season before the producer decided to pull the the plug. With other shows getting renewed.

    Kate Fox-match makers, it was intresting concept of a divorce lawyer turned match-maker but unfounatly as the episode went on she found a man just for herself but was forced to set-up dates from him, if that wasn't bad enough his Ex-wife forces her not to see him causing Kate life to get out of control.

    it's such a shame they left it on clif-hanger we will never see last 6 episode made :(