Miss Match

NBC (ended 2003)


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  • A lawyer who is a match maker why didn't anyone come up with this sooner? It's original and a fantastic idea for a show. Well I think so.

    Finally theres a show that we havn't seen on television before, it's about time. I dout that there are lawyers out there who are also match makers so Miss Match is an interesting show to watch. It's full of drama and romance. The characters are all unique and strong and play a main part in the show. Which is different! Katy seriously should stop finding everyone else the perfect partner and find her own. I think that Katy and Micheal should get together they are perfect for each other. I also think that Micheals ex-girlfriend or whatever she is, should get over herself and realise that Micheal doesn't love her anymore and should move on with her life instaed of stopping Kate and Micheal from being together. Hopefully Miss Match will be back for a second season as there is alot more that could happen with Kate, her match making and the lawferm!
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