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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends
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Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, often shortened to Sunny Patch, is a Canadian cartoon created by David Kirk. It focuses on a group of four young bugs - Squirt the spider, Shimmer the jewel beetle, Dragon the dragonfly and Bounce the bedbug - as well as their caring mother Miss Spider. The series is a Gemini award winner, in the category of Best Original Music Score for an Animated Program or Series for the special "The Prince, The Princess and the Bee."

Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends is a production of Nelvana and Corus Entertainment, the Canadian companies that brought viewers Franklin, Little Bear and The Backyardigans.

Opening Theme

(Squirt: Yeah!)

(Dragon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.)

(Shimmer: Ha ha ha ha ha.)

(Squirt: Coming through!)

(Bounce: Yeah!)

Spiders are spinning away in the trees

(Squirt: Woo hoo! Yeah!)

Buggies are bouncing and riding the breeze

(Bounce: Woo hoo hoo!) (Squirt: Bugs away!)

Gliding through the sky We're flying high The fun we hatch, in Sunny Patch To the hollow tree, a family On wings and strings And floaty things Coming home for hugs

(Bounce: Wah-ha-ha!)

Be good to bugs.

Character Biographies

Miss Spider - Miss Spider is the nicest biggie in Sunny Patch. Together with her husband Holley, she raised a family and adopted three more bugs. Miss Spider is very kind and generous and never goes back on her word. She has many friends such as her husband, Holley, the red ants, Ted and Ned and the queen bee, Beetrice. She's even nice to Spiderus, who once tried to become her husband and is normally mean to everyone else. Miss Spider was adopted as a young spiderling when she lost her family. Thus, she has a special concern for orphans. Miss Spider is a fruit spider and would never eat any other insect. Miss Spider does, however, greatly enjoy chanterelle mushrooms. Miss Spider is voiced by Kristin Davis, who is known for her roles in programs such as General Hospital and Melrose Place.

Squirt - Squirt is green and is often seen wearing a pink and green cap. He is one of five spider children who live in the Hollow Tree. Squirt is a fun-loving sort who is somewhat independent at times. However, he often has a lot of fun playing with his many siblings. Squirt is full of energy and drive. He often dreams of flying like his winged adopted siblings, but usually has to settle for surfing a web. The voice of Squirt, Scott Beaudin, can also be heard as Peep in Peep and the Big Wide World and Fox in the final season of Franklin.

Shimmer - She is a bright-pink jewel beetle and the oldest female of the siblings. She likes to fly very high up in the air with Dragon and likes to play flying games. Shimmer lost her mother and father when she was a young buggie. She was blown away in a storm and was never sure what happened to them. Shimmer's quest to find her parents was the subject of the feature-length special The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. Shimmer's voice actress is Rebecca Brenner.

Dragon - He is a purple dragonfly who loves to fly around with his sister, Shimmer. Dragon has many friends such as Squirt, Shimmer and his best buggie pal, Bounce. Dragon is an excellent flier, capable of beating his wings thirty times per second. Dragon once considered flying away with an air show, but decided to stay with his family. Something of a rebel at times, Dragon can often be bossy. He will also sometimes do things that may not be entirely right, but he is usually a fairly nice bug. Mitchell Eisner provides the voice of Dragon (Eisner also voiced Rabbit in the final season of Franklin and Ka-Chung in The Save-Ums).

Bounce - He is a blue bedbug who loves to hop around with his brothers and sisters. Bounce's best friend is Dragon because they both found each other before Miss Spider asked them to come into their family. Both Bounce and Dragon never knew their parents, but they believe that they were possibly eaten by a big owl named Hoot. Bounce misses his family a lot but he also likes his new family, The Spider Family. Bounce is very fond of eating. He also is very young and is rarely shy to voice is opinion. He is also highly energetic and very "happy-go-lucky." Bounce is rarely upset or shy. Julie Lemieux, the voice of Bounce, is a very prolific voice actress who can also be heard in Pelswick, Julius Jr. and PAW Patrol.


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