Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 3

A Little Slow; Stalking The Beanstalk

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 09, 2004 on Treehouse
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A Little Slow; Stalking The Beanstalk
A Little Slow: Miss Spider is taking her little buglets on a nature walk for Bug Scouts. Squirt has invited along his friend, Shelley the snail, but the others are bothered by having to go slower to keep with Shelley. While they race ahead, Miss Spider and Squirt enjoy seeing the things one misses by zipping by too fast.

Stalking The Beanstalk: Bounce and Shimmer have made their very own shoofly pies. They're hoping to trade them for tripleberry pies or something even more special. They come upon Ted and Ned, who offer them a pair of beans. Bounce and Shimmer aren't impressed at first, but decide to take the beans when Ted and Ned claim they have magical powers. Bounce and Shimmer soon discover, however, that their beans have magical potential for bouncing away from them.moreless

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      • Mr. Moth: What have you done with my nephews?
        Ted: Oh, Mr. Moth. Uh, they were delicious.
        Mr. Moth: You ate them?!
        Ned: Oh blimey, no. We traded them, for pies.
        Ted: Very delicious pies.

      • Bounce: I don't like the Snakey Woods. There are blue jays and crows and bats and... what am I forgetting?
        Spinner: Snakes?
        Bounce: Snake?! Scary.

      • Dragon: Sorry for saying you're too slow, Shelley. I'm sure glad you joined our Bug Scouts.

      • Miss Spider: (singing) Slow down and watch a leaf floating to the ground / Slow down and give a listen / To the wind's enchanting sound / From dawn until the dark day's end / Slow down and see Earth's wonders.

      • Miss Spider: It's amazing the things you notice when you just slow down a little.

      • Miss Spider: Shelley can't help it if he's a little slow.
        Dragon: Sorry, Mom. But if it hadn't been for Shelley, we could have seen twice as much stuff.

      • Miss Spider: Thanks to Shelley's sharp eyes, we're learning a lot today.
        Squirt: I'm sorry my brothers and sisters aren't waiting for you, Shelley.
        Shelley: That's okay, Squirt. It happens a lot when you're a little slow.
        Miss Spider: Well, I like to take my time.
        Squirt: Um, me too.

      • Miss Spider: Okay, let's head down Wormy Way to Wiggly Walk then hang a right into Dribbly Dell.
        Dragon: When do we get to go to the Snakey Woods?
        Miss Spider: I don't think we'll be going to the Snakey Woods today, Dragon. It's a little too dangerous for our nature walk.

      • Shimmer: I guess if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

      • Miss Spider: Do you know where your parents are?
        Moth Kids: Hola! Hola! Hola!
        Holley: Hola? What's that?
        Bounce: Hola means "hi." It's Spanish. Mr. Mantis taught us.

      • Shimmer: Bounce, our beans turned into bugs. Just like magic.
        Bounce: I know. Wow!

      • Bounce: Hi, Ted and Ned.
        Ted: I detect the smell of baking.
        Ned: Shoofly pie! Irresistible!

      • Holley: Mmm. Oh, I smell shoofly pie.
        Miss Spider: Shoo, fly! Thsoe are Shimmer and Bounce's special pies.
        Bounce: Yeah, Dad, shoo! Heh heh.

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