Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 6

Ant-tuition; Sing It Sister

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 14, 2004 on Treehouse
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Ant-tuition; Sing It Sister
Ant-tuition: All the good folks in Sunny Patch are getting ready for cold weather. They collect seeds and get their little homes ready. Squirt is none too happy about having to work, when the weather is still so nice and there is still so much fun to be had in the sun. Miss Spider tells them he can play once all their work is done. Then, Squirt comes upon the ant brothers Ned and Ted. They say that their "ant-tuition" tells them that winter won't be coming for a long time. In fact, they're throwing a "This Summer Will Never End" party. Soon, all of Sunny Patch is on the party, but Miss Spider helps Squirt to see the true signs of winter.

Sing It Sister: Pansy's lifelong dream is to sing with the Dribbly Dell Singers. Unfortunately, she's not a very good singer. Snwodrop, on the other hand, has a natural talent. Pansy is disappointed when she's not selected, but together with Snowdrop, she realizes her ambitions of singing.moreless

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      • Squirt: Brr. It is getting a little cold. Maybe we should get back to work and fill the hollow stump. Just in case.
        Miss Spider: Just in case is a good reason to get work done, Squirt.

      • Katie: (after hearing Snowdrop sing) As I live and breathe. Snowdrop, your voice is prettier than the breeze in the pine trees.

      • Pansy: (singing badly) I am a Dribbly Dell singer.
        Katie: That was a good try, darling, but some of those words came out just a wee bit screech owly.

      • Pansy: (upset that Snowdrop became the new Dribbly dell singer and she didn't) It's not fair. I wanted to be in the Dribbly Dell Singers.
        Miss Spider: Honey, she didn't mean to upset you. Singing is just Snowdrop's special talent and we should be happy for her.
        Pansy: Okay, I'll try. (bursts into tears)
        Miss Spider: (gives Pansy a hug) Oh honey, it's okay.

      • Miss Spider: Now, now, I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
        Pansy: (in tears, following a failed audition for the Dribbly Dell singers) Yes it was. My voice was squeaky and I forgot the words and the only thing they liked was my bow.

      • Miss Spider: Ant-tuition, huh? My spider common sense tells me they're wrong to rely on a hunch.

      • Ted and Ned: Ant-tuition.
        Ned: 100% guaranteed. Ants' honor or your crumbs back.
        Ted: Offer not available at all anthills. No purchase necessary.

      • Squirt: The first frost is coming. We have to be ready before it gets here.
        Ned: Frost? Did you say frost? (falls over laughing along with Ted)
        Ted: Frost won't be coming any time soon.

      • Snowdrop: I'm not going.
        Miss Spider: But it's your special night, Snowdrop. Everybuggy's gonna be there.
        Snowdrop: That's why I'm not going.

      • Pansy: Do you think you could teach me to sing like that?
        Snowdrop: Sure. I'm your twin sister. I'll help you.
        Pansy: Great! So what do we do first?
        Snowdrop: Singin' while you're swingin' helps you keep your rhythm. Give it a try.

      • Mr. Mantis: Maybe it's time to look for a new singer to join our chorus.
        Katie: Why, thats a humdinger of an idea, Mr. Mantis! Any critter who can carry a tune is welcome to try out.
        Squirt: Did you hear that, Pansy?
        Pansy: Did I ever! I've always wanted to be in the Dribbly Dell Sisters.
        Squirt: Then this is your big chance.

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