Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 9

Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Jun 27, 2006 on Treehouse

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  • Things come together in "Be Good to Bugs and Frogs," in which Spiderus is forced to consider that maybe frogs aren't so bad after all. Meanwhile, Felix's unwillingness to return to his parents leads to a misunderstanding when Miss Spider goes to see them.

    Felix has stayed overnight at the Cozy Hole, but now the morning has come. After everyone enjoys breakfast (an interesting affair when Felix asks for a glass of water to be poured on him), it comes to time to consider just how to get a frog *out* of a tree. First, though, they have to hide him when Beetrice shows up. Turns out that some of the bugs are planning to clean up after yesterday's mess and maybe restore the Be Good to Bugs Day festival. As for Felix, they come up with a sort of pulley system to lower him down.

    As this is happening, Spiderus is busy outside his lair setting up what is supposed to be a frog-proof fence. "You and your frogs" laments his wife, Spindella. Amusingly, she assures him that there's no way there could be any frogs in or near the Hollow Tree. She heads back inside, but when things go wrong the contraption, Spiderus ends up spotting Felix. Somehow, Miss Spider manages to calm him down. He gets a good look at Felix and see that he's managed to get his tongue tied in knots once again. He concedes that Felix may, in fact, be a harmless, cute frog after all.

    Miss Spider says that it's time for Felix to go back to his parents. The kids wonder why Felix couldn't just stay with them. As they shout to this effect, Miss Spider whistles for silence. She says that it's different with Felix, he already has parents, parents who are there and love him. Felix shocks Miss Spider by saying that this isn't true. They don't like him for who he is and he just doesn't fit in with them. After considering this, Miss Spider decides it would be best if she went and spoke to Felix's parents on her own. So she agrees that Felix can stay there and play for the time being.

    As the kids frolic and play, Spiderus thinks over his feelings about frogs. He sings a song, "Could I Have Been Wrong About Frogs?" in which he pretty much admits that maybe frogs aren't as evil and mean as he thought. "And when they're just polliwogs, they're really quite, really quite cute." It seems like he's sold, until everyone shows up playing noisily by his lair. Spindella compliments him on making friends with the frog, and he complains that the frog is "just one more noisy, disrespectful youngster." Ah well, Spiderus will be Spiderus.

    Mr. and Mrs. Frog are worried about where Felix is. Mrs. Frog suggests asking "that nice spider lady" if she knows where is. This doesn't sit well with Mr. Frog, who feels firmly that bugs are food and not friends. Mrs. Frog eventually gives up on him as a bad job, saying that he's apparently not "up to it" when it comes to asking Miss Spider where Felix is. She and Miss Spider eventually meet up and Miss Spider says that she needs to talk with both her and her husband. Mrs. Frog says that it would be faster getting back to the Taddy Puddle if she carried Miss Spider inside her mouth. She reluctantly agrees, but unfortunately is spotted by Frank the Firefly, who thinks that Miss Spider is being eaten.

    Frank, still being a devoted Anti-Frog Squad member, hurries off to report the news to Spiderus. Spiderus is non-plussed at first, figuring that Frank only saw Felix. When Frank describes exactly what he saw, however, Spiderus is shocked. He rallies the troops, gathering up Holley and the others too. Meanwhile, Felix finds that he's missing his family, after all. Therefore, he and the kids head off for the Taddy Puddle to get him reunited with his parents.

    Things all come to a head at the Taddy Puddle when Spiderus launches an all-out assault on the frogs. Miss Spider pleads with everyone to see sense, but when the frogs think they're being attacked, they react angrily. Spiderus is nearly eaten, until Felix shows up to save the day. Encouraged by Squirt and the others, he makes the shot of his life and pulls Spiderus away. He pleads with them not to eat his friends and finally everyone sees sense.

    They all come together at the first-ever "Be Good to Bugs and Frogs" celebration. There, Spindella reveals some big news to Spiderus --- he's going to become a father. Everyone agrees that they can live together, and Mr. Frog even suggests that he might try some of those berries Felix seems to like so much. He won't force Felix to do "froggy" things if he doesn't want to, either. Holley reprises his song from the previous episode.

    A fantastic and heartwarming conclusion to this story. Everything worked out for the best and Felix makes a great addition to the series, later seen in such stories as "Frog in the Moon and "Dam the Puddle; Flower Power."

    The issue of not letting down your parents is one just about anyone can relate too. "Miss Spider" tells very human, and sometimes very adult, stories against a background of bugs (and other creatures!) living in a seemingly idyllic meadow and this is one of the reasons why I love it so much. I also love the little bits of humor, such as the various interactions between Spiderus and Spindella. The sense of fun and playfulness the series creates is also great and it explores deep issues of family as well.

    Overall, I give this entire story arc five flashing fireflies for brilliance.