Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 9

Be Good to Bugs...and Frogs

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Jun 27, 2006 on Treehouse



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    • Spiderus: (singing) Could I have been wrong about frogs? Perhaps I was wrong about frogs. I guess I was wrong about frogs. (hears a bird chirp) But don't get me started about birds.

    • Frank: Come on, everybuggy! Let's show 'em what we bugs are made of.

    • Felix: Even though they don't understand me, they're the only Mom and Dad I have.

    • Spindella: That is so adorable, Spiderus. Making friends with that cute little frog.
      Spiderus: He is not cute and he's not my friend. All he is, is one more noisy, disrespectful youngster.

    • Dragon: C'mon, Mom. If you adopted us, you can adopt Felix, right?
      Kids: (cheer assent)
      Miss Spider: (whistles) It's not that simple. Felix already has parents, and they miss him very much.
      Felix: No, they don't.
      Miss Spider: (gasps)

    • Spiderus: (singing) They're less trouble than dogs / They're cleaner than hogs / More personality than average logs / And I have to admit / When they're just polliwogs / they're really quite, really quite cute / Those frogs.

    • Miss Spider: Why, Spiderus? Did I see a smile from the leader of the anti-frog squad?
      Spiderus: Well, that little amphibian appears harmless enough. I suppose I'm not anti-all frogs.
      Miss Spider: Well, that's a start.
      Spiderus: Um, yes. I'll keep that in mind.

    • Holley: That's the spirit, everybuggy! We're gonna celebrate Be Good to Bugs Day come frogs or high water.

    • Mrs. Frog: Somebody must have seen Felix. Maybe we should ask that nice spider lady.
      Mr. Frog: (mocking) Maybe we should ask that --- You expect me to ask some eight-legged appetizer where my son is?
      Mrs. Frog: No, I suppose you're not up to it. I'll ask her.

    • Spiderus: Frog, frog, frog! Miss Spider, everybuggy! Save yourselves! No, no, wait. Save me.

    • Felix: This is fun! Look at me, I'm a bumblefrog!

    • Spindella: Spiderus, what in Sunny Patch are you doing?
      Spiderus: I'm building a super spider security fence, to protect us against frogs!
      Spindella: Honestly, you and your frogs. Believe me, there are no frogs anywhere in the Hollow Tree!

    • Miss Spider: Would you like a glass of milkweed?
      Felix: No thank you. But could you pour a glass of water over me?
      Miss Spider: Excuse me?
      Felix: We frogs get water through our skin, so we don't need to drink it.

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    • Spindella: Spiderus, I'm so proud of you.
      Spiderus: Well, I'm just trying to set a good example for the children. You know how they look up to me.
      Spindella: I'm glad to hear that because we're going to have some little ones of our own.
      Spiderus: Excuse me, dearest. What did you say?
      Spindella: You're going to be a daddy long-legs!
      Spiderus: (faints)

      In this episode, Spindella reveals to Spiderus that she's expecting. The babies hatch in the episode "Lulla-Bug; Most Perfect Parent."