Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 4

Bedtime Story; Fly Away Friends

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 10, 2004 on Treehouse
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Bedtime Story; Fly Away Friends
Bedtime Story: Miss Spider and Holley find that their little buglets are having trouble getting to bed on time. They have all sorts of other things they want to do, so they put up a wishing web to get to bed on time. Once they make it to the top of the web, they get to go to Compost Day. The kids find, however, that Miss Spider and Holley aren't getting to bed on time either, so they get a place on the wishing web too, with the promised reward of a morning to sleep in.

Fly Away Friends: Squirt often has fun playing with Shimmer on the way to and back from school. He finds, though, that he's being left behind in Shimmer and Dragons' fliers only fun. Squirt becomes disillusioned with flying, tired of being left out. He gets a bit angry and it's up to Shimmer and Dragon to set things right.moreless

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      • Miss Spider: I think Squirt is feeling a little left out.
        Dragon: What do you mean?
        Miss Spider: Well, didn't you two fly off and leave him behind? Didn't you pick games that he couldn't play?
        Shimmer: But Dragon and I can fly.
        Dragon: Yeah, what's wrong with that?
        Miss Spider: Nothing sweetie. But how would you feel if Squirt picked games were his eight legs came in handy? Like spider soccer?
        Dragon: Gee, I never of it like that.
        Shimmer: Me neither. We're sorry, mom.
        Miss Spider: I know you are, but Squirt doesn't.

      • Miss Spider: Don't you want to go play with our brothers and sisters?
        Squirt: I guess. If they want to play with me.

      • Shimmer: Where have you been Squirt? We looked high and low for you.
        Squirt: Mostly high, I bet.

      • Squirt: I'm waiting for rose hips.
        Mr. Mantis: Rose Hips? Can't say I ever heard of her.

      • Squirt: (singing) Bug Buddies. Bug Buddies. We're best Bug Buddies. Bug Buddies. Bug Buddies. We're best Bug Buddies. Some have wings, some have strings, we can do all kinds of things!

      • Holley: You know, hon, we're lucky.
        Miss Spider: How's that, Holley?
        Holley: Our children always seem to get along.
        Miss Spider: We are lucky.

      • Squirt: I'm sorry for all those rotten things I said to you guys. I really didn't mean them.
        Shimmer: Oh, we know, Squirt.
        Squirt: I think wings are sorta cool.

      • Squirt: Flying isn't fun! Who cares about wings anyway? Legs are way better than wings!
        Shimmer: But we have legs too.
        Squirt: Only six! Beetles and dragonflies have only six! Spiders like me have eight!
        Dragon: So?
        Squirt: So with eight legs, I can walk away from you much faster!

      • Shimmer: Bugs away!
        Squirt: Bugs away, all right. Way way up and away.

      • Buglets: (singing) The mandible's connected to the head / The head's connected to the thorax / The thorax's connected to the abdomen.

      • Holley: Hmm. Somebody sure is an eager weevil this morning.
        Miss Spider: Looking forward to school, Squirt?

      • Holley: I have to go to the bathroom.
        Squirt: Okay. Fast as a lightning bug.

      • Miss Spider: A quiet morning to sleep in sounds very good to me right now.
        Bounce: OK. If you get to bed and up the web, we'll take care of everything in the morning.
        Holley: Really? Oh, this web idea is starting to sound pretty good.

      • Miss Spider: Okay, everybuggy. It's snugglebug time. Into bed and up the web.

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