Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 6

Best Bug Buddies; Snuggle Bugs

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 21, 2006 on Treehouse



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    • Spindella: Well, it's time for us to be crawling, Petal. We have to meet Uncle Longlegs over in Shady Bog.
      Squirt and Petal: Aw.
      Squirt: Um. Hey, Mom? Can I surf there with Petal? I can show her a few things on the way.
      Miss Spider: (chuckles) It sounds like a great idea to me.
      Squirt and Petal: Ya'ay!

    • Petal: Nobuggy wants to do anything fun. Maybe they just don't want to do anything with me.

    • Miss Spider: Squirt, you didn't want to surf with Petal?
      Squirt: She didn't want to surf with me.
      Miss Spider: Really?
      Squirt: She says I'm not good enough.
      Miss Spider: Wow! She really must be good.
      Squirt: She is. But she's still a showoff.

    • Petal: I thought you said you were a really good websurfer.
      Squirt: I am a really good websurfer. I'm just not a, a... showoff.
      Petal: Suit yourself. You two scaredy-bugs can keep surfing the breeze. This showoff is headed for the top of the trees.
      Wiggle: Wow. She really is an amazing surfer.
      Squirt: Yeah. If you like showoffs.

    • Squirt: HI. Mom said you wanted to do some websurfing? But with this strong wind, you probably wanna go play with the other bugs.
      Petal: (giggles) Where I come from, we wouldn't even call this a light breeze. We surf in gale force winds.
      Squirt: What's a "gale force wind?"
      Petal: A gale force wind is so strong it can bend the tallest tree.
      Squirt: Really? Wow!

    • Shimmer: That last thunderclap was kind of loud, though.
      Holley: It was really loud.
      Shimmer: It was even a little scary for me.
      Miss Spider: Even the bravest big sister bugs can get scared sometimes, too.

    • Cloud King: The rainbow so fair and bright, my storm is over, and here comes the light!

    • Miss Spider: How sweet of our little snuggle bugs to let us have a big night out right here at home.

    • Dragon: Sir Dragon the Brave could set the Cloud King straight!
      Shimmer: Dragon! You're not in this.

    • Shimmer: (telling story) The Sunny Patch bugs knew that this was not just any summer storm. It was cumulonimbus, the most powerful Cloud King, who would make it rain day after day. He liked things to be dark, cold and grey.

    • Bounce: I want Mom! I want Dad! Bedbugs don't like storms.

    • Miss Spider: Okay, everybuggy, up to bed.
      Snowdrop: Mom, can you help me brush my teeth?
      Bounce: Mom, can you tuck me in?
      Shimmer: Mom!
      Holley: (chuckles) So much for a quiet night alone.
      Shimmer: Wait! We don't need Mom and Dad to take us up. We can get ready for bed all by ourselves if you want a quiet night alone.
      Miss Spider: It would be spiderific if you could get yourselves to bed.

    • Grandma Betty: Storms are beautiful.
      Bounce: Uh-uh. They're too loud.
      Snowdrop: And too scary.
      Grandma Betty: There's nothing to be afraid of, kids. The storm will be over by morning. Now let's get you snuggle bugs tucked into bed.

  • Notes

    • Scott Kraft and Nadine van der Velde are co-writers for the first story and Lynn Reist is the director. Velde is the sole writer for the second story and Neil Affleck is the director.

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