Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 26

Bringing up Shrubby / Stuck on You

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse



  • Trivia

    • Closed-captioning, at least on the version of the episode aired on Noggin, misspells Shelley's name as "Shelly." Additionally, Pansy's name is misspelled at one point as "Apsny" and a line of Bounce's in the second story is credited to Squirt, even though Squirt doesn't even appear in that story.

  • Quotes

    • Miss Spider: Dragon? Spinner?
      Dragon and Spinner: Roar!!!
      Miss Spider: Jumpin' junebugs! What happened to you?
      Dragon: We kinda got some pine sap stuck on us.
      Spinner: Yeah. Lots of other stuff too.
      Miss Spider: Well, it's certainly nice to see you two getting along so well.
      Dragon: Like you said, "a family needs to 'stick together'."

    • Bounce: Where are we going now?
      Shimmer: To find the bedbug eating meadow monster.
      Bounce: Oh boy, oh boy!

    • Dragon: So how do we get to the shore?
      Spinner: I know! We can paddle there! On this lily pad!
      Dragon: Spinner, lily pads are attached to the bottom of the pond. They can't move that far. I thought everybuggy knew that.
      Spinner: Well, I didn't.
      Dragon: But it is is a good idea. Maybe there's something else we can use.

    • Spinner: I don't want to fly, Dragon.
      Dragon: Relax. It'll be a snap. Just stay calm and don't wiggle.

    • Dragon: Uh oh. This stick must have pine sap on it. Now we're stuck to it.
      Spinner: And each other.

    • Dragon: You start collecting some pine cones and I'll get building.
      Spinner: Why don't I get to build?
      Dragon: It was my idea. So I'm in charge.
      Spinner: Hmph. I bet I can make a better castle than you.

    • Spinner: Ooh, I love pine cone castles.
      Dragon: But I wanna build it my way. You'll just slow me down.
      Spinner: No, I won't.
      Miss Spider: Dragon! Being good to bugs includes bugs you're related to.

    • Pansy: Hey, Dragon. We're gonna play "monsters."
      Snowdrop: Let's play!
      Pansy: Wanna play, Shimmer?
      Shimmer: Gee, I don't know.
      Bounce, Pansy and Snowdrop: Please!
      Shimmer: Okay.
      Bounce, Pansy and Snowdrop: Ya'ay!
      Shimmer: But instead of playing monsters, let's look for real monsters.

    • Miss Spider: Well, how is Shrubby?
      Squirt and Bounce: He's green, green, green!
      (An extended musical sequence is played during which the cheery plants bloom and are harvested. Later, they are made into pies...)
      Miss Spider: Here you are, kids. The fruits of all your hard work.
      Bounce: Mmm... pie.
      Squirt: Taking care of Shrubby was really fun.
      Bounce: And really yum, yum, yummy!
      Eunice: You did a great job and you really stuck to it!
      Shelley: I had a hard job, too. Not eating Shrubby.
      Miss Spider: (chuckles) Oh, Shelley.

    • Miss Spider: (as Squirt and Bounce head out to try to save Shrubby from a frost) Squirt and Bounce have worked so hard. I hope their little plant makes it.

    • Squirt: Good morning, Shrubby.
      Bounce: Time for breakfast. Uh oh... Shelley is going to be breakfast.
      Squirt: Shelley, stop! That's our special ground cherry plant.
      Shelley: Oh... um, sorry, guys. Lovely plant. I didn't know it was yours. Looks very tasty. I mean, nice.

    • Miss Spider: You two have made a great start helping your little plant get healthy.
      Bounce: I think it's looking better.
      Squirt: A lot better than when we squashed it. (giggles) Uh, hey, what's our plant's name?
      Bounce: How about Shrubby?

    • Miss Spider: (after Squirt and Bounce crush a cheery seedling) Didn't I ask you to be careful?
      Squirt: Uh huh. And we-- we wanted to be careful.
      Bounce: But we forgot to remember.

    • Shimmer: What are you doing?
      Eunice: We're growing ground cherry pies.
      Bounce: Growing pies?
      Miss Spider: (chuckles) Not exactly. We planted ground cherry plants on the far side of the meadow.
      Eunice: And when the plants grow up, we'll make pie from the fruit.

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