Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 21

Bug-Talk / The Befuddled Butterfly

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse
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Bug Talk: For homework, Mr. Mantis has assigned the kids of his class to learn a new language, such as the buzzing of bumblebees or the chirping of crickets. Dragon has been assigned to learn about the light signals of fireflies, but does not relish the assignment. Miss Spider and Holley urge him to take the assignment seriously, telling him that learning another language is like getting a secret password. When Holley offers Dragon some one-and-one help, they both encounter Flint the firefly in a real-life predicament and Dragon gets to put his learning to practical use.

The Befuddled Butterfly: Shimmer and the others are disappointed when Cookie doesn't show up for a Bye-Bye Butterfly Party, but find her the next morning, lost. Cookie says that she's lost her "butterfly know-how" and without it, she can't fly migrate south for the winter. Miss Spider agrees to let her stay in the Cozy Hole for the winter, but suggests that what Cookie is really experiencing is a lack of confidence.moreless

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      • Dazzle: (flying towards a blinking light, thinking it's Flint) Flint, I'm coming. Flint, I love you... (She sees that it's Dragon. You're not Flint.
        Dragon: No Ma'am.
        Dazzle: You're not even a firefly. What are you even doing here?
        Flint: He's with me, Dazzle.
        Dazzle: Flint?
        Flint: Sorry, Dazzle. But my tail light won't work, so I got Dragon to help me.
        Dazzle: (in an angry tone) Flint, that is the most... (Her tone turns to happy.) romantic thing ever.

      • Squirt: We've got everything for our "Bye-bye Butterfly" party.
        Shimmer: Except the butterfly.

      • Cookie: Something tells me the Hollow Tree is that way. Yes! Yes! I'm sure of it. My butterfly know-how! It's back!

      • Cookie: We are lost!
        Miss Spider: Calm down, everybuggy. You too, Cookie. Let's not panic.

      • Cookie: You see, I'm so afraid of making a mistake, I get all befuddled and confused.

      • Cookie: Without my butterfly know-how, I don't know which way is which.

      • Shimmer: I just hope Cookie makes it to her winter home okay.
        Miss Spider: She'll be fine. Monarch butterflies are terrific flyers with an amazing sense of direction. They always seem to know which way to go.
        Shimmer: Really? Thanks, Mom.

      • Miss Spider: Oh, honey.
        Holley: You were one flashy looking firefly!
        Dragon: Thanks, Mom and Dad. Learning another language is like getting a secret password. In fact, it's really (flashes firefly signal.)
        Holley: It's really what?
        Miss Spider: What did you say?
        Dragon: (chuckles and flies away)

      • Flint: My bride-to-be is out there somewhere and I can't get my tail-light to work.

      • Dragon: I said, "Hello, my name is Dragon."
        Mr. Mantis: Just a little correction, though. What you actually signaled in firefly was "Hello, my nose is on fire."
        Dragon: Aw, I messed it up.

      • Holley: It doesn't seem like you're trying your best to learn firefly.
        Dragon: Ah, Dad. I'm a dragonfly. Why do I need to learn some other bug's goofy language?
        Miss Spider: Because learning another language is like discovering a secret password.

      • Mr. Mantis: Dragon, did you do your homework?
        Dragon: Not really. But gee, Mr. Mantis, what kind of silly language uses blinking bum lights to talk?
        Kids: (giggle)
        Mr. Mantis: Hush now. A language can be much more than just sounds. Anything that helps us bugs communicate with each other is a language.

      • Mr. Mantis: Sounds like you're all raring to start your buggy language class, one bug at a time.

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