Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 1

Captain Sunny Patch; Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Mar 13, 2006 on Treehouse
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Captain Sunny Patch; Captain Sunny Patch Flies Again
Captain Sunny Patch: Squirt wants to play Sky Chiefs with Shimmer and Dragon he gets left behind because he can't fly. Determined to be a flying superhero like his siblings he makes himself some flying gear. He tries leaves, dandelion seeds and finally a set of hummingbird wings with an acorn helmet. Before he knows it he is transformed into Captain Sunny Patch --- a superhero with a secret identity. Though Squirt doesn't know it, he will soon be faced with a situation that requires true courage.
The Return of Captain Sunny Patch: Squirt is outside with Wiggle, trying to teach him to surf the web for the very first time. Wiggle pays close attention, but is nervous and scared. In an attempt to help him, Squirt dons his Captain Sunny Patch outfit, but is blown away by a stiff wind. As Wiggle tries to work up his courage, Squirt finds himself in the Snakey Woods, where he learns that there is a fire headed towards Sunny Patch.moreless

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    Cara Pifko

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      • Miss Spider: We'd have all been bug toast if it hadn't been for Captain Sunny Patch and his trusty sidekick, Wiggle Web-walker.

      • Squirt: I can't do it. (puts on heroic voice) But Captain Sunny Patch can do it! Captain Sunny Patch away! Captain Sunny Patch flies again!

      • Wiggle: I'm doing it wrong. I know it.
        Squirt: Then you just keep trying till you get it.

      • Wiggle: I don't know if I can do it.
        Squirt: Whew! Sure you can, Wiggle. Just remember the rule. Make your web carefully, keep your body steady and never ever go surfing if the wind is too rough.

      • Grub: It's Captain Sunny Patch, I think.
        Miss Spider: No, it's not.
        Dragon: It's Squirt!
        Squirt: (to Snake) Bug off and leave my family alone.

      • Beetrice: We bees have a special hollow tube in our nose that allows us to suck up the nectar. Do you have something like that?
        Squirt: (in heroic voice) Uh, no. But I have a secret identity.
        Beetrice: Well, that's nice, dear. But I don't see how that will help me collect the nectar.

      • Miss Spider: You know, Squirt, maybe this Captain Sunny Patch is just a regular bug who helped Snap out.
        Dragon: He wears a helmet, Mom.
        Shimmer: Yeah, to protect his secret identity.
        Dragon: Only superheroes need to do that.
        Miss Spider: Well, we all have a little hero in us. Every time we help a neighbor or a friend, you're a hero.
        Holley: And you don't need a disguise to do that.

      • Dragon: Don't get your thorax bent out of shape, Squirt. Maybe you can't fly, but there are a ton of things you can do.
        Shimmer: Yeah. Like climb and spin webs.
        Squirt: But superheroes fly. And I wanna be a Sky Chief like you guys.

      • Dragon: Faster than a speeding hurricane!
        Shimmer: More powerful than a lightning storm. The superheroes of Sunny Patch.
        Dragon and Shimmer: Sky Chiefs to the rescue!

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