Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 2

Country Bug-Kin; A Star Fell On Sunny Patch

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 08, 2004 on Treehouse
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Country Bug-Kin; A Star Fell On Sunny Patch
Country Bug-Kin: Squirt and the others are out playing when a wind blows something into Sunny Patch. They discover that it's a cockroach named Sweetie. She's an orphan, so Miss Spider and Holley take her in for the night, until it's safe to go home. Squirt finds himself rather impressed with Sweetie and tries to impress by taking her out for a nighttime stroll. However, he begins to worry when he finds little that he believes would interest her.

A Star Fell On Sunny Patch: Miss Spider, Holley, Uncle Gus and their little buglets are all out star-gazing. Uncle Gus tells the kids about constellations such as Earwig Minor and the Big Butterfly. The kids see shooting stars and learn about wishing stars. Squirt makes many wishes on a star and Uncle Gus jokes that he wished the star right out of the sky. When he, Shimmer and Dragon find what looks like a fallen star the next day, they fear that what they thought was a joke may actually be true. They make their best effort to return this fallen star to the sky.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • At the beginning of "A Star Fell on Sunny Patch", Gus has a bit of a high pitched voice. Later on in the story, when he tells the kids he was just kidding about the star falling, he has his normal voice back.

      • In "A Star Fell On Sunny Patch," Squirt takes Sweetie out for a walk on what must have been one of the most boring nights in Sunny Patch. Everybody is sleeping and there are no shows or anything. In the slightly later story "The Listening Walk," Miss Spider takes Wiggle out for a walk at night when he's afraid of nighttime sounds. They find many things to interest them.

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Sweetie: Any chocolate?
        Squirt: Well, no. But we've got honey, fresh from the hive!
        Sweetie: I thought honey only came from those plastic bear squeeze bottles.
        Squirt: Huh?

      • Holley: (observing what the kids believe to be a star) Well, twinkle, twinkle little star. You just gave me an idea that will cheer up my little Squirt.

      • Sweetie: I'll never forget Sunny Patch. Or you, Squirt. (She gives him a kiss.)

      • Holley: Anyway, we have a little cockroach who needs to get home to her trash can.
        Ned: Trash can?
        Ted: We are so there.

      • Squirt: (websurfing with Sweetie) Bugs away!
        Sweetie: Um, Squirt, how do you land this thing?
        Squirt: I'll teach you!
        Sweetie: Better make it quick!

      • Sweetie: Your Mom and Dad let you go out after dark?
        Squirt: Sure. Whatever.

      • Bounce: (sleep-talking) Mmm, chocolate. Yum.

      • Squirt: When can we eat garbage, Mom?
        Miss Spider: Maybe some other time, Squirt.

      • Sweetie: Oh, I'm starved. Where's the nearest trash can?
        Squirt: Trash can?
        Sweetie: No trash cans? No cockroaches? Gee. (giggles) This is nothing like the city.

      • Squirt: Wow. This is definitely one weird lookin' leaf. Whoa!
        Bounce: It's alive. It's alive!!!

      • Holley: Hi, son. (sings and plays guitar) Quite a starry show tonight.
        Squirt: Except for one little twinkly light.
        Holley: How could ya' tell when the moon's so bright?
        Squirt: I just know --- one little star's got a long way to go. How do you put a star back in the sky? Is there a way that a spider can fly?

      • Squirt: Wishing star. I know you probably don't have anymore wishes in you. But if you do, I sure wish my brothers and sisters would be my friends again. (sighs)

      • Miss Spider: Bounce, honey, nobody can make a star fall out of the sky.
        Bounce: Squirt did. He made too many wishes.

      • Miss Spider: What's the big bug-a-boo out here, kids?
        Squirt: Uh, Shimmer and Dragon were sorta giving me flying lessons.
        Miss Spider: (giggles) Well, maybe tonight you should ask a wishing star for a little help, sweetie. (She leaves.)
        Dragon: Don't even think about making anymore wishes, Squirt!
        Shimmer: Yeah, you already wished one poor star out of the sky.
        Dragon: And now there's nothing we can do to pick it back.
        Bounce: Yeah, Squirt! (Squirt moans) Nothing!

      • Shimmer: Dragon, the --- the sky is awfully high. Are you sure you don't need me to help you carry the star up there?
        Dragon: No thanks. Dragonflys are the best fliers in the whole buggy world!
        Squirt: You can do it, Dragon! I know you can!
        Dragon: Roger. Over and out.
        Bounce: Liftoff! Liftoff! Liftoff!

      • Miss Spider: Some stars shoot across the sky like they're flying. Sort of like bugs!
        Shimmer: Wonder what would make a star fall?
        Uncle Gus: Maybe Squirt wished on it so much, it fell right outta the sky.
        All: (laugh)
        Squirt: Gosh, I was gonna wish for a sled too.

      • Uncle Gus: A constellation is a group of stars. We make pictures out of them so we can remember where they are.
        Holley: Sorta like connecting the dots.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Sweetie is a cockroach from the city. She speaks with an urban sound and using urban phrases such as "whatever." Squirt begins to admire and emulate her behavior. As of early 2007, Sweetie has not been seen in any future episodes of the program.

      • Steven Sullivan is credited as Steve Sullivan.

      • In "A Star Fell On Sunny Patch," the fallen star that the kids find is actually a dropped bottle cap. They decide to call it Sparkly.

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