Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 24

Dam the Puddle; Flower Power

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse



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  • Quotes

    • Squirt: You did a lot, Honey. And we were wrong. Flower power is really cool.
      Dragon: Honey and Lil Sis are real superheroes.
      Miss Spider: All you Sunny Patch Superheroes are the real deal.
      Dragon: We're not Sunny Patch Superheroes, Mom. From now on, we're the Sunny Patch Super-Buddies.

    • Shimmer: She was my buddy. I should have never left her alone.
      Dragon: None of us should of, Shimmer.

    • Miss Spider: Lil Sis!
      Eunice: She's nowhere to be found, Miss Spider. What do we do?
      Miss Spider: Don't worry, Eunice. We'll find here. She can't have gone far.

    • Honey: Come on, Lil Sis. Let's go play flower power.
      Lil Sis: Yeah. We're gonna make up our own game. Bye-bye.

    • Shimmer: If you wanna be a superhero, you have to have superpowers.
      Honey: W-We have superpowers.
      Squirt: Yeah? What superpowers could you little kids have?
      Honey: We have flower power.

    • Eunice: Everybuggy pairs off with a buddy and sticks together. You look out for your buddy and your buddy looks out for you.

    • Lil Sis: Is the monster gone?
      Shimmer: My heat sensors tell me he's swimming away!

    • Miss Spider: You should all be very proud of yourselves. Especially you, Squirt.
      Holley: You betcha. I didn't think we could do it.
      Squirt: I told you we could, Dad.
      Holley: (giggles) You sure did, buddy. And the Taddy Puddle dam will go down in history as one of the seven wonders of Sunny Patch.

    • Felix: Squirt, you're the best bug buddy a frog could ever have! Can I help?
      Squirt: Yeah. We'll be done in a couple of days. Then the water will stay in Taddy Puddle till rainy season comes.
      Felix: But Squirt, we're leaving tomorrow morning.

    • Squirt: If beavers can do it, bugs can do it! Tomorrow, we're going to dam the puddle!
      Bounce: We are?
      Holley: We are?

    • Felix: Frogs need water, Squirt. If my skin dries out, I'm frog toast. Dad says we have to go downstream to find a bigger puddle.
      Squirt: For how long?
      Felix: I don't know, Squirt. Maybe forever.

    • Squirt: Bugs away! Last one in the puddle is a ugh, off, stick in the mud?
      Holley: Jumpin' junebugs.
      Squirt: Where's the Taddy Puddle, Dad?
      Holley: Looks like the hot sun is drying up the Taddy Puddle, son.

    • Squirt: Not another sunny day. I'm sick of hot, sunny days.
      Holley: I know, Squirt. And if we don't get rain soon, a lot of bugs will be in real trouble.
      Squirt: Us too, Dad?
      Holley: No, son. We'll be just fine with the dew that we're collecting.

  • Notes

    • Nadine van der Velde is the writer for "Dam the Puddle," Neil Affleck is the director and Robert Clark is the storyboard artist. Michael Stokes is the writer for "Flower Power," Lynn Reist is the director and Luisito Escauriaga is the storyboard artist.

    • Squirt reads the title display for "Dam the Puddle" and Honey reads the title display for "Flower Power."

    • The number and original broadcast date of this episode on Canada's Treehouse TV is unknown. In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on May 16, 2007. "Flower Power" is available as a Miss Spider book release, written and illustrated by David Kirk.

  • Allusions

    • Lil Sis: Wait, look there in the sky. Is it a bug?
      Honey: Is it a bat?
      Lil Sis: No, it's
      Lil Sis and Honey: the Sunny Patch Superheroes!

      A reference to popular saying associated with superhero Superman --- "Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman!"

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