Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 16

Frog in the Moon / Moon Music and Sun Songs

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Dec 03, 2006 on Treehouse
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Frog in the Moon / Moon Music and Sun Songs
Frog in the Moon: Impressed by Felix's jumping ability, Bounce suggests that he could jump all the way to the moon. Squirt, Bounce and Spinner playfully encourage the idea, not realizing that Felix and Bounce are taking it seriously. Felix ends up bouncing all the way up the Hollow Tree, not realizing that he's putting himself in danger.

Moon Music and Sun Songs: Scratch and his brothers, a band of crickets, move in to Sunny Patch near the Hollow Tree. This noisy band starts keeping up everyone late at night with loud rock music. When asked to stop, they say that they're simply doing what comes naturally. The bugs of Sunny Patch look for a way to help them see it's better to be good to bugs, lest they never get a decent night's sleep again.moreless

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    • Holley: (regarding the crickets' "moon music") Didn't they already play that song?
      Spiderus: That's not a song. It's a disease.

    • Holley: Where are you going, Spiderus? I thought you wanted to celebrate.
      Spiderus: Oh yes, I do want to celebrate. By taking a long, lovely, and uninterrupted nap.

    • Spiderus: Since those appalling crickets persist int heir nighttime noisemaking, I shall simply sleep during the day. Problem solved.

    • Miss Spider: I didn't get much sleep last night. Did you?
      Holley: Nope. You know, if this keeps up, we might have to move from the Hollow Tree just to get a good night's sleep.

    • Scratch: Spiders spin webs, crickets make moon music. It's what we do, bug.
      Shimmer: But here in Sunny Patch, we try to be good to bugs.
      Miss Spider: And keeping your neighbors up all night isn't being good to anybuggy.
      Scratch: I don't think one bug telling another what to do is being good either. Do you?
      Miss Spider: (gasps)
      Scratch: Thanks for the treats.

    • Dragon: I thought they sounded cool.
      Shimmer: They sounded noisy!
      Miss Spider: Does anybuggy here remember the Sunny Patch motto?
      Bounce: I do! (sings) Be good to bugs! Be good to bugs!

    • Scratch: we're just doing our thing. You don't want to stop us from doing our thing, do you?
      Holley: Well, no...
      Scratch: 1, 2, 3, 4! (loud rock music resumes)
      Spiderus: I tell you, Holley. I know music and that is not music.
      Holley: It's not my cup of tea either, Spiderus, but just because we don't like it doesn't mean it isn't music.

    • Holley: Looks like our new neighbors are a band of musical crickets.
      Spiderus: I'll handle this. Uh, hello! Excuse me! Would you? Would you, please? I say...
      Holley: (plays trumpet)
      Scratch: What's the buzz, bug?

    • Holley: Hmm, cricket chirps. And it sounds like they aren't far away.
      Shimmer: Eunice Earwig told me that some crickets moved in nearby.
      Miss Spider: Well, maybe we'll play our new neighbors a visit tomorrow.

    • Miss Spider: Felix, be very careful up there! The top of the tree is not a safe place for a little frog.
      Felix: I think you may be right, Miss Spider. So could you possibly give me a teensy bit of help?!

    • Frank: Whoa! Heavens to bugsy! What's a frog doing at the top of a tree?
      Felix: I'm jumping to the moon, sir.

    • Bounce: But it's true, Mom and Dad. Felix is on the moon. I heard him calling down to me!
      Holley: Well, I'm sure you thought you did, son, but a frog jumping all the way to the moon is, well, pretty near impossible. It's just too far away.
      Bounce: Even farther than the Snakey Woods?
      Miss Spider: Much, much farther, honey.

    • Felix: Hi, moon caterpillar. I come in peace!

    • Bounce: Good luck, Felix!
      Felix: Thanks, Bounce. I'll tell you all about the moon later.

    • Miss Spider: (gasps)
      Holley: Something wrong, hon?
      Miss Spider: This sounds silly, but I thought I just saw a flying frog.
      Holley: Maybe it's time somebuggy got her peepers checked.

    • Bounce: Wow. You know what? I think Felix could jump all the way to the moon!
      Felix: Wow! That would be great! I've always wondered what it's like up there!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Steve Sullivan is the writer and story editor for the first story, Lynn Reist is the director and Andrew Tan is the storyboard artist. John van Bruggen is the writer for the second story, Neil Affleck is the director and Jun Nasayao is the storyboard artist.

    • Squirt reads the title display for "Frog in the Moon" and Dragon reads the title display for "Moon Music and Sun Songs."

    • In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on May 17, 2007.