Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 11

Giddy Up Bugs; A Plushy Parable

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Sep 16, 2006 on Treehouse
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Giddy Up Bugs; A Plushy Parable
Giddy Up Bugs: Sawyer, a genuine cowbug, arrives in Sunny Patch with a group of aphids. They're harvesting honeydew and Squirt, Shimmer and Bounce get the go-ahead from Miss Spider to help her out. They agree to live by the cowbug code and work hard to assist her. Ned and Ted, however, on the lookout for an easy snack and decide to rustle Sawyer's aphids for their own purposes.

A Plushy Parable: When Miss Spider and Holley go away for a web-weaving workshop, Pansy has trouble getting to sleep. Grandma Betty tells her a bedtime story about the "pussy willow plushies" -- a type of toy that was popular when Miss Spider was a kid. She then reveals that she still has Miss Spider's one, "Catty," and agrees to lend it to Pansy until Miss Spider returns. Pansy is comforted by the toy, but then devastated when she loses it. Then, when Spiderus finds it and gives it to Ivy as a gift, she faces a dilemma when she learns that it's missing and realizes that it doesn't belong to her.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Pansy is playing with Catty in her bedroom, she's humming the song that Spiderus and Snowdrop sung in "Lulla-Bug."

      • Miss Spider's pussy willow plushy is named "Catty." When Spiderus finds it and gives it to Ivy, she calls it "Daphne." When Pansy gives her a new one in exchange for it, she decides to call that one "Daphne" instead.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Ned: (while doing the dishes) Cooking, cleaning, washing. It's all too much Ted!
        Ted: You're not just whistling dixie Ned. It's just not natural.

      • Squirt: I like living by the cowbug code. Always lend a hand.
        Shimmer: Don't be lazy.
        Bounce: And always have fun.

      • Betty: (to Pansy) I gave a pussy willow plushy to your mom as a hatchday present. She named her doll Catty, and it became her favorite toy, especially when she needed a hug.

      • Pansy: We made you a new plushy. I hope she's special enough.
        Miss Spider: Oh, she's very special! Just like two bugs I know.

      • Ivy: (to Spiderus) I love Daphne and I love you.

      • Spiderus: Ick! A pussy willow plushy. I haven't seen one of these in a bug's age. I never did understand their popularity. Mind you, it is rather... cute. Yes, my dear little Ivy would absolutely love it!

      • Squirt: (bouncing on a mushroom) Pansy, come on! We're going on an outer space adventure!
        Shimmer: And these are our launch pads!

      • Squirt: (bouncing on a mushroom) Pansy, come on! We're going on an outer space adventure!
        Shimmer: And these are our launch pads!

      • Pansy: Grandma, can we get a pussy willow plushy for me?
        Grandma Betty: I'm afraid not. One day a big storm uprooted the plushy willow plant. Once the plant was gone, the "pussy willow plushies" disappeared along with it.

      • Squidge: Dewey, I don't think these ants are real cowbugs.
        Dewey: I think you're right, Squidge. I think we've been rustled.
        Ned: Hoot hoot hoot!
        Dewey: So what do we do?
        Squidge: We make tracks away from these dippy dudes. Don't be scared, Squidge. Sawyer will be looking for us.

      • Ned: Ya! Get awide, little buggies! Hoot hoot hoot!
        Ted: (laughs) Cowbugs don't say "hoot hoot hoot!"

      • Ned: You know, Ted, if we're going to get a fair share of honeydew...
        Ted: We may just have to "borrow" those aphids for a while. (snickers)

      • Sawyer: Everybuggy on a round-up works. That's rule number two - "a cowboy is never lazy." Let's get this round-up rolling!

      • Sawyer: (regarding Ned and Ted) Never mind those varmints.

      • Sawyer: How would ya'll like to help me harvest up some of that honeydew?
        Shimmer: That sounds real yummy, Sawyer.
        Bounce: Yeah, reaaalll yummy.

      • Ned: Did someone mention... honeydew?
        Ted: Ah, the sweetest, tastiest food in the whole world.

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