Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 13

Good Deed Seeds; Shelley and the Brain

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Oct 08, 2006 on Treehouse
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Good Deed Seeds; Shelley and the Brain
Good Deed Seeds: After granting a favor to Spiderus and his family, Miss Spider suggests that instead of paying her back, they simply pass the good deed on to someone else. Spiderus isn't sure he understands Miss Spider's reasoning that doing so is like "planting a seed," but ends up passing on the deed anyway. Squirt, Dragon and Bounce watch with delight as the seed continues to grow and their friends spread good deeds throughout Sunny Patch. Shelley and the Brain: Since moving to Sunny Patch, Feather has established the Sunny Patch Strong Bug Club, but only has one member -- Shelley the snail. The two hold a meeting to try to gain more members for their club, which uses its members' combined strength to perform good deeds. Wiggle is the only one to apply and is rejected because they don't consider him strong enough. Though he wishes greatly to be in the club, Miss Spider urges him to consider that he has other qualities that may be important than pure physical strength.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (23)

      • (Shelley gets stuck in the doorway to the ants' food supply.)
        Sawyer: Don't worry, Shelley. We'll have you out of there in a jiffy.
        (Feather tries to pull Shelley out but he won't budge.)
        Shelley: (giggles) That tickles.
        Feather: Wow, Shelley's so stuck even I can't get her out.

      • Stinky: I really appreciate you guys helping me.
        Ted: Don't mention it.
        Ned: To anybuggy. This so humiliating.

      • Wiggle: (singing) But sometimes brains are not enough / You need a brain that's really buff / Big ideas can build a fountain / Save a snail or move a mountain.

      • Miss Spider: We forgot that sometimes a good idea can be stronger than even the strongest bug!

      • Wiggle: Everybuggy! I can get Shelley out!
        Feather: Wiggle, if all of us strong bugs can't get Shelley out, how is a little bug like you--
        Wiggle: With a strong idea, that's how. Instead of trying to pull Shelley out, why don't we just make the hole around him bigger?
        Sawyer: Good thinkin', Wiggster!

      • Ted: Nothing gets between the ant brothers and their chow. Come on, Neddy!

      • Wiggle: Mom, there's nothing the Strong Bug Club can't do.
        Miss Spider: Well, they do seem to have things under control. Hmm.

      • Miss Spider: Sometimes a good idea can be more powerful than muscles.

      • Miss Spider: Wiggle, getting stronger is a fine goal, but building up your muscles takes time.

      • Miss Spider: Wow, Wiggle! Where did you get that barbell?
        Wiggle: I sorta... made it.
        Miss Spider: Well, aren't you clever!?

      • Shelley: I don't think anybuggy else wants to join our club, Feather.
        Feather: Then let's go find some other strong bugs. Follow me!
        Shelley: Right behind you.

      • Wiggle: I'm not superstrong, but I have lots of energy, and really good ideas!
        Feather: Ideas don't count, Wiggle! You need really strong muscles to help other bugs.

      • Shelley: We go all over Sunny Patch using our strength to do good deeds. We're like real superheroes.

      • Feather: Hurry up, Shelley. We have a strawberry situation here.

      • Feather: Make way for the Strong Bug Club. Your dessert is on the way.

      • Dragon: We're gonna spend the whole day sowing good deed seeds all over Sunny Patch.
        Squirt: And everybuggy will pass it on to everybuggy else.
        Miss Spider: Now where did you get a spiderific idea like that?

      • Squirt: Amazing! That good deed seed we planted this morning really did grow, just like mom said.
        Dragon: I think it's more amazing that Spiderus actually helped somebuggy.

      • Shelley: We snails may be slow, but we can climb anything. That's cause we all have a super-sticky pseudopod.
        Bounce: (moans) I wish I had a super-sticky pseudopod.

      • Spiderus: You know, maybe being good to bugs isn't so bad after all.

      • Miss Spider: Helping a neighbor by doing a good deed is thanks enough for me.
        Spiderus: Quite right. Well said.
        Miss Spider: Although, you could pass on our good deed by doing something nice for somebuggy else instead.
        Squirt: That sounds kind of neat.
        Dragon: But why somebuggy else? We did all the work!
        Spiderus: And besides, why do something for somebuggy if they're not doing something for you?
        Miss Spider: Because doing a good deed and helping a neighbor is like planting a seed. You plant a good deed, then watch it grow and bloom like a flower.

      • Shelley and Feather: (singing) We're the Strong Bug Club / There's nothing we can't lug / We push and pull and tow and tug and even give strong hugs.

      • Ned: (smells the berry he's about to eat) This berry smells a bit ripe, Ted.
        Ted: (sees Stinky walk by) It ain't the berry, Ned.

      • Feather: Do you want to join our Tough Bug Club?
        Ted: Depends. Will they're be snacks?
        Feather: Well, I guess we could have some.
        Ted and Ned: We're in.
        Feather: After we do good deeds for bugs.
        Ted and Ned: We're out.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Closed-captioning, at least on the Noggin broadcast, makes three minor mistakes. In "Good Deed Seeds," Dragon states "Come on, let's just go to the mushroom bounce," but closed-captioning reads "mushroom, Bounce," as if he were talking to Bounce and referring to a singular mushroom. Later, Bounce states that something is "like a pretty flower," but captioning reads "like a pretty sunflower." At the top of "Shelley and the Brain," Wiggle speaks the line "Hey, look at this one" offscreen. Captioning, however, credits the line to Squirt.

      • This marks the second appearance of Feather since the special, "The Prince, the Princess and the Bee."

      • Ted and Ned read the title display for "Good Deed Seeds" and Feather reads the title display for "Shelley and the Brain."

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