Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 1 Episode 12

Happy Heartwood Day; Ground House Rules

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Feb 14, 2005 on Treehouse
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Happy Heartwood Day; Ground House Rules
Happy Heartwood Day: When Squirt and Dragon get into an argument about sharing, their fighting is interrupted when a tree falls outside. Soon, every adult in Sunny Patch is celebrating and the kids quickly learn the reason why --- it's Heartwood Day. When a tree falls in Sunny Patch, all the bugs celebrate this holiday, in which everyone shares and somebody gets bit by the love bug. Dragon, however, is tired of sharing and decides he doesn't want to have anything to do with Heartwood Day festivities.

Ground House Rules: When the playing of Miss Spider and Holleys' little buglets disrupts their card game, they realize the kids may need someplace to play other than the Cozy Hole. Miss Spider does some digging and creates a ground house for them to play in. Soon, all the kids in the area are there, but Spiderus is bothered by the noise and talks to Dragon, putting a scheme into action. He tells Dragon that as the oldest, he can set rules to make the ground house "special." Unfortunately, these rules involve keeping others out and soon Dragon finds the club having less and less members.moreless

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      • Mr. Mantis: That's nice, Dragon. You brought a drag glider to share.
        Dragon: This is mine. I didn't bring anything.
        Mr. Mantis: Nothing?
        Dragon: I'm tired of sharing.

      • Bounce (singsong) Who's going to get bit by the love bug? Who's going to get bit by the love bug?
        Dragon: Ick. Not me.

      • Bounce: Mom, what is going on?
        Miss Spider: We're celebrating Heartwood Day, Bounce.
        Shimmer: What's that?
        Mr. Mantis: When a tree falls in Sunny Patch, we celebrate.

      • Holley: Happy Heartwood Day!
        Spiderus: (completely bored) Yes, yes, Happy Heartwood Day, Holley.

      • Dragon: Mom? Why do we always have to share with everybuggy?
        Miss Spider: Because that's what families do.
        Dragon: (groans) Can I have one thing that's just mine?
        Miss Spider: Of course you can, Dragon. But if you don't share, who's gonna want to share with you?

      • Dragon: Wow! That was my drag glider's longest flight yet! From my bed all the way to
        Holley: My head. Here you go, Dragon.
        Dragon: Sorry, Dad.

      • Dragon: Welcome to the clubhouse, everybuggy. Nothin' but fun inside!

      • Miss Spider: Honey, a place is special not because you keep folks out but because you let them in.

      • Miss Spider: Dragon, may I come in?
        Dragon: Well, I have a rule that no grownups are allowed, but maybe just this once.
        Miss Spider: What happened to the rest of your bug club?
        Dragon: They weren't special enough to be members. Rules are rules.

      • Spiderus: Aah, the sweet sound of silence. So calm, so restful, so...
        Miss Spider: Spiderus?
        Spiderus: (shouts and jumps in fright)

      • Squirt: Now there's only three of us, Dragon.
        Dragon: No big deal. That just means our club is super special!
        Squirt: But I'm not having any fun! I'm gonna go play outside with everybuggy else.
        Dragon: That's okay. We don't need him. Now we have a super extra-special club. Right, Bounce?

      • Buglets: (singing) Yo ho, blow the bug down / Yo ho, blow the bug down!

      • Spiderus: (to Dragon) A club isn't special if you let in every bug and his brother.

      • Squirt: Come on in, everybody! See our spiderific new ground house!
        Spiderus: Such a ghastly hullabaloo. And right under my gate. That's it. I can't stand it anymore.

      • Holley: What you need is your own place to play.
        Miss Spider: A playhouse? Holley, that's a great idea. Instead of always playing in the treehouse, our little bugs could play in...
        Holley: A ground house!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Stinky the stinkbug attends Heartwood Day festivities, but does not speak in "Happy Heartwood Day."

      • Squirt brings a cap to share for Heartwood Day and wears it on his head. As such, "Happy Heartwood Day" is a rare Miss Spider story in which Squirt is seen without anything on his head.

      • Alice Prodanou is the writer for the first story. Robin J. Stein is the writer for second story and is credited as Robin Stein. Lynn Reist directed both stories.

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