Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 25

Little Ladybug Lost / A Beetle-ful Family

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse
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Episode Summary

Little Ladybug Lost: When Pansy and Shimmer encounter a little ladybug while out searching for treasure, they invite her to join them. She happily joins in and accepts an invitation to stay for dinner. Miss Spider wonders why they've never met her family and when she and Shimmer go to her home to welcome them to Sunny Patch, they find that it appears that Grace is living alone. Then, when Grace goes missing, Stinky and his big sister Whiffy join in the search.

A Beetle-ful Family: Grace has been living in Sunny Patch for a while now, but is convinced her family will be returning soon. As she settles in with Stinky and Whiffy for the time being, she works to prepare her home for the time when her family arrives. As winter comes to Sunny Patch, Stinky and Whiffy discuss what to do in the eventuality that Grace's family doesn't show.moreless

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    • Grace: Excuse me Ma'am?
      Lilly: What can you do for you Little One?
      Grace: Have you seen a family of Asian ladybugs come by here?
      Lilly: Well, I did see some by the woods...
      Grace: By the woods? Thank you. (She flies off.)
      Lilly: (calls out) But that was a couple of weeks ago.

    • Miss. Spider: (she and her kids see Grace crying) Grace, what's wrong?
      Grace: Nothing. I'm just a silly bug.
      Shimmer: What do you mean?
      Grace: It snowed. That means my family found another place to spend the winter. They're not coming back (She starts crying again.)

    • Whiffy: Grace, when it snowed last night, Stinky and I had a long talk. We talked about what to do if your family didn't come back. And we decided that I should stay here and live with Stinky and if you want, you can stay with us.
      Grace: Live with you two? For always?
      Whiffy: We would love to take care of you like our own daughter. We're made for each other, remember?

    • Miss. Spider: Grace, we went by our log earlier and we looked inside.
      Grace: Oh.
      Miss. Spider: Have you run away from home?
      Grace: No, the log is my home. My family spend the winter there.
      Shimmer: So where are they now?
      Grace: I don't know. You see, I found a nice soft hole for my winter nap. But I guess I slept too long, because when I woke up, my family was gone.
      Miss. Spider: And you've been waiting for them to come back?
      Grace: Yes. I know they will. (Stinky and Whiffy burst into tears.)
      Whiffy: That is the saddest story I have ever heard.

    • Stinky: Come on Gracie. Lay some stink on me.

    • Shimmer: Mom, we have to do something.
      Miss Spider: Well, you know what Grandma Betty always says, "To find your family, there's one certain test."
      Shimmer: "Find the creatures who love you the best."
      Stinky: We're those creatures.

    • Grace: Oh, pickles. Guess I'm all alone. I'm... an orphan.

    • Stinky: It's been quite a summer. Even if you did stink up the joint.
      Whiffy: Me?! Everybuggy knows nothing's stinkier than a big brother.

    • Stinky: Hey, hey, hey! This log is looking so comfy, I might just move in myself.

    • Grace: Last one to my log's lost their stink!
      Stinky: Lost their stink? Not me!

    • Whiffy: Who knew a little ladybug could eat so much?
      Stinky: Or be so much fun?

    • Stinky: All this time you've been all alone and we didn't even notice.
      Grace: It's okay, Stinky. My folks will be back soon and you've all been so kind, inviting me for breakfast everyday and everything.

    • Stinky: Come on, let's get out of here.
      Grace: Yeah, my Mom will be worried if she gets home and I'm not there.
      Stinky: Right...

    • Miss Spider: Shimmer, did you see Grace's parents today when you were playing with her?
      Shimmer: No. Why?
      Miss Spider: I'm just surprised we've never met them. Let's stop by their home tomorrow with some "Welcome to Sunny Patch" treats, okay?
      Shimmer: Great idea.

    • Whiffy: I never knew Asian ladybugs had a lovely little stink of their own. (giggles) Just like Stinky and me.

    • Grace: Bloomin' begonias, Miss Spider. That pollen pie was delicious.
      Miss Spider: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Grace.
      Grace: Asian ladybugs have very healthy appetites, you know.

    • Pansy: Wow, Grace. You're the best treasure-finder I've ever seen.
      Snowdrop: Yeah, that was fun.

    • Whiffy: Stinky, what if Grace's family doesn't come back?
      Stinky: Oh, the poor kid. That would break her heart. I don't even want to think about it.
      Whiffy: We might have to, Stinky.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Scott Kraft is the writer for both stories. Neil Affleck is the director for the first story and Scott Kraft is the Arna Selznick is the storyboard artist. Lynn Reist is the director for the second story and Kathy Paulin-Lougheed is the storyboard artist.

    • "Little Ladybug Lost" introduces Whiffy, Stinky's older sister. Judy Marshak, who once narrated for Nelvana's Franklin and who is also known for her roles on series such as JoJo's Circus and X-Men voices this character.

    • Grace reads the title displays for both stories.