Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 23

Lost and Sound / It's My Party

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse
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Lost and Sound: When Holley has trouble coming up with lyrics for a song for the Sunny Patch Sing-Along Contest, Spinner helps him find the perfect rhyme. He gets the idea that maybe he could be songwriter too and, inspired by nature, comes up with the opening for a great song. Unfortunately, when he tries to recite it for Miss Spider and Holley, he finds that he's forgotten it completely. Holley introduces him to the Melody-Catcher -- a tool he's used in the past to help him remember the tunes to songs.

It's My Party: Squirt, Wiggle, Spinner, Pansy and Snowdrop try to determine what they should do for their hatchday party, unaware that their family and friends are all planning a surprise party. They have trouble deciding what activities they should do, as they all enjoy different things. Tired of sharing all the time, Squirt gets the idea to throw his own hatchday party, doing only what he wants.moreless

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      • Spiderus: (Singing to his kids) "Moo" goes the brown cow / "Coo" goes the white dove / "Woo" goes the black owl / But what do we say to the smelly skunk? "Pee-eww."

      • Squirt: This is the best party ever, Mom.
        Miss Spider: Even though you have to share it.
        Squirt: Especially 'cause I have to share it.

      • Squirt: Dad was right. Having a party by yourself is no fun at all. (moans)

      • Holley: I have a hunch that you're going to have a spiderific hatchday party.
        Spinner: You do?
        Holley: Yup! And my hunches are never wrong.

      • Squirt: I just wish I could have a party all to myself.
        Miss Spider: I know having to share everything is hard sometimes, but parties are made for sharing with your family and friends.
        Holley: And throwing a party all by your lonesome would be kind of boring, don't you think?
        Squirt: Hey, that's it!
        Holley: That's what?
        Squirt: I'm going to throw my very own party and invite everybody. Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad! Good night!
        Miss Spider: Oh dear.
        Holley: Oh yeah.

      • Shimmer: They have no idea we're throwing a surprise party for them.
        Bounce: A surprise party! I love surprise parties!
        Dragon: Shh, Bounce, it's a surprise!
        Bounce: Okey-dokey.

      • Dragon: Captain Wingflash scans the landscape with his wraparound vision. No buggy could get past him.
        Squirt: (climbing up the Hollow Tree with his spider siblings) Hi, Dragon!

      • Holley: Bravo! (giggles) You kids just sang what we call an "octave" and that means eight notes.

      • Miss Spider: (reading bedtime story) And then Little Bug Riding Hood said, "My Grandma, what long antennae you have" and the Big Bad Wasp said, Pansy?
        Pansy: "The better to smell you with, my dear."

      • Spinner: A bird. That's no songbird. It's the wrong bird. (moans) Guess my song is long gone.

      • Spinner: Mom, Dad, guess what. I made up the most beautiful song ever!
        Miss Spider: Spinner, that's wonderful. You're a songwriter, too!
        Spinner: Just like Dad!

      • Spinner: (singing) It's way more fun to write a song / When frogs and birds all sing along.

      • Spinner: Maybe someday I'll be a songwriter, just like you, Dad!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Steven Sullivan is the writer and story editor for the first story, Lynn Reist is the director and Alan Bunce is the storyboard artist. Nadine van der Velde is the writer for the second story, Neil Affleck is the director and Robert Walton is the storyboard artist.

      • Wiggle reads the title display for both "Lost and Sound" and "It's My Party."

      • The original broadcast date and number of this episode on Canada's Treehouse TV is unknown. In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on May 14, 2007. "It's My Party" is one of several Miss Spider stories on the unreleased DVD by the same name. Originally scheduled to release in late 2006 or early 2007, the release of this DVD has been delayed for unknown reasons and is not available for order at this time.

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