Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 15

Lulla-Bug; The Most Perfect Parent

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Nov 19, 2006 on Treehouse
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Lulla-Bug; The Most Perfect Parent
Lulla-Bug: Spiderus and Spindella are expecting spiderlings, which are close to hatching. Spiderus is obsessed with doing everything possible to prepare for their arrival. He at first dismisses Holley's idea of singing to them as silly, but decides to give it a shot. Snowdrop, who has been obsessed with the upcoming arrival of the babies, hears Spiderus's lullaby and sings along. She inadvertently causes him to believe that his unhatched children are singing back to him.

The Most Perfect Parent: Spindella heads out of Sunny Patch to attend her sister's wedding, leaving Spiderus to care for the three newborn spiderlings. Spiderus is convinced he's prepared for the task and settles to the work of painting their nursery. He soon finds, however, that caring for his children isn't as simple as he thought it might be. He takes to carrying a notepad and asks Miss Spider and Holley for advice, desperately worried that he's not providing proper care for his children.moreless

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  • Spiderus and his wife are expecting babies. Spiderus believes that singing to his eggs will help them hatch faster. Snowdrop accidently makes Spiderus think his eggs are singing back. Eventually the eggs hatch.moreless

    If every childrens show was like this one there would be no evil in the world. I don't know why children's programming gets away from show like these and put junk on that usues words like hate and shut up. I hope this show remains on the air forever.

    The first time I saw this episode was on noggin around 3 a.m. while my baby daughter was wide awake. This episode immediately calmed her and my wife and myself down. Watching it now makes me sad because I will always relate it to holding her as a baby. Why do they have to get older?moreless
  • This episode is about Spiderus and Spinderalla have babies and that I think its squirt helps Spiderus sing to his unhatched eggs but doesn't know he is singing with him...he thinks that its his eggs singing..Spinderalla thinks that Spiderus lost his mind.moreless

    My daughter loves this episode....and constantly wants to watch it...we lived in California where there is Nogin on Demand so at a push of a button you could have Miss Spider at any time of the day where it played all the time, however...we now live in Canada and I want to buy this episode and I can't find it anywhere no one sells this one......does anyone know where or how I can get it...or even buy all the episodes. Its sooooo amazing that even the adults will love it and sing the song all the time...its very catchy!

    Any info about this please email scheilabelillti@hotmail.commoreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Most Perfect Parent is available as Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends easy-reader book #11, written and illustrated by David Kirk.

    • Spiderus and Spindella's children are all named after poisonous plants: Mandrake, Belladonna and Poison Ivy (usually just called Ivy).

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Spiderus: (singing to his eggs) A spider was beside herself that very morn' in May / A butterfly flew around her web, which meant no lunch today. (stops singing) No, no, no. That doesn't sound too baby bug friendly. Let's see. (starts singing again) Hup two, three, four, we're just bugs with two legs more / five, six, seven, eight, when spiders march we're never late. (stops singing again) No, no, no, too rousing. I want them to hatch, not invade the taddy puddle.

    • Spiderus: (singing) Baby buggy rest your head / Dreaming in your buggy bed / My love will keep you warm and snug / Until you wake my precious bug.

    • Spiderus: (getting a kiss from Ivy) Oh, thank you for the kissey little Miss Missy. (Bella gives him a kiss.) And another kissey from your sissy.

    • Spiderus: (to his kids) Good morning Ivy. Hello Bella. And what do you have to say to your father Mandrake?
      Mandrake: Papa!

    • Spiderus: If you'll excuse me, I'm off to the Taddy Puddle for three tushy cushy blankies. All the bug parents are getting them.
      Holley: Tushy chushy?

    • Spiderus: I wanted to be the perfect parent.
      Miss Spider: Spiderus. Nobody's a perfect parent.

    • Spiderus: Miss Spider, Holley. I suppose there's no way to say this, but -- help!

    • Spiderus: Please don't cry, little bugs. Daddy's here. Oh dear.

    • Holley: First of all, it's normal for children to test their parents' rules once in a while.
      Spiderus: (writing on notepad) Rules, test. Got it.

    • Spiderus: (rapidly to Miss Spider) How are twins different from other children? How are they different from each other? Should I encourage them to play together, or with other bugs, and what makes them happy?

    • Bella: (throwing ball at Spiderus) Funnny, Daddy-Daddy!
      Spiderus: (waving leg) Now now, Bella, mustn't throw things while Daddy-Daddy's working.
      Bella: Oopsie, Daddy-Daddy.

    • Spiderus: You see? There'll be no problem at all.
      Spindella: Uh-huh. Just in case, I should probably go over a few things.
      Spiderus: Oh, tish tosh. I've already committed your little "dos and don'ts" list to memory. Ivy doesn't like blackberry juice.
      Ivy: Blech.
      Spiderus: Bella won't eat anything unless it's all mushed up.
      Bella: Squishy-wishy.
      Spiderus: And Mandrake can't sleep without his web blankie.

    • Spindella: Aren't you the sweetest thing? I'm gonna call you Bella Donna. And you, Poison Ivy.
      Spiderus: And I'm going to call this little fellow Mandrake.

    • Pansy: Snowdrop, I know that look. It's the way I look after I've done something wrong.
      Snowdrop: Well, I think I sorta, accidentally tricked somebuggy.

    • Spiderus: (to his eggs) Hello, children. This is your Daddy speaking. You may think this is a bit odd, but um, just in case there's some merit to Holley's harebrained idea, I shall now entertain you with a short, ah, musical interlude.

    • Snowdrop: Did that one just move? I think I just saw it move, Mom.
      Miss Spider: (to Spindella) She's usually our shy one. Babies just get her giddy.

    • Spindella: Hello there.
      Spiderus: It works! My baby monitor works! This device allows me to maintain constant contact with Spindella and the youngsters.

    • Snowdrop: How could anybody not want to talk about babies?

    • Snowdrop: Spindella's babies are hatched? Can I help feed 'em, Mom?
      Miss Spider: Well, they're not out of their eggsacs yet, Snowdrop. Spider eggs take about three weeks to hatch.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Neil Affleck is the director for the first story and Kathy Paulin-Lougheed is the storyboard artist. Lynn Reist is the director for the second story and Andrew Tan is the storyboard artist. Steven Sullivan wrote and directed both stories. Samson Weiss Willis is credited as Samson Weiss-Willis for his role as Mandrake.

    • In the United States, this episode premiered on Noggin on May 15, 2007.

    • Snowdrop reads the title display for "Lulla-Bug" and Shimmer reads the title display for "The Most Perfect Parent."

    • Spiderus and Spindella have three kids. A boy they name Mandrake and two girls they name Bella and Ivy.

    • Tony Jay, the voice of Spiderus, passed away in August 2006. Recording for this and other second season episodes of the program was completed before his passing.