Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

Season 2 Episode 22

Master Mantis; Bug-Versity

Aired Daily 10:00 AM Unknown on Treehouse



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  • Quotes

    • Wiggle: We still don't know what kind of bugs to be Bounce. Do you think Mr. Mantis will be mad at us?
      Bounce: No, he hardly ever gets mad.

    • Miss Spider: (to Bounce and Wiggle) You know, all bugs are special in their own way. In fact, I'd have to say you're both special too.

    • Bounce: Everybuggy has a bug to be but you and me.
      Wiggle: I'm ready to cry uncle. (gasps) That's it! Uncle Gus!
      Bounce: Yeah, yeah! You can be an asparagus beetle!
      Wiggle: Me?
      Bounce: It was your idea! Come on!

    • Bounce: What is a Hug-a-Bug Day?
      Mr. Mantis: It's a bug appreciation day --- a time for everybuggy in Sunny Patch to learn what makes each bug unique and then embrace those differences!
      Pansy: Unique means different or special. And embrace means hug!

    • Bounce: Mr. Mantis, Mr. Mantis! Your tushy's glowing.
      Mr. Mantis: Why, so it is, Bounce.
      Kids: (giggling)
      Mandrake: So silly.
      Pansy: Why are you wearing a costume, Mr. Mantis?
      Mr. Mantis: Tomorrow is Hug-a-Bug Day. We're all going to dress up as other bugs and put on a pageant.

    • Dragon: Come with us, Frank. We'll help you find your glasses.
      Frank: Oh, thank you, Mandrake. Oh, you're a good kid.

    • Dragon: So, a lot of the stuff we heard about Venus Flytraps isn't true?
      Wiggle: They aren't really monsters?
      Mr. Mantis: Exactly. They're just plants.

    • Master Mantis: Greetings. Pardon me, your highness. I would humbly request that you obey all my instructions. Do not so much as move a wing. I assure you, no harm will come to you or your kind.
      Honey: Who are you, sir?
      Oldtime Squirt: Who are you, sir?
      Squire Bedbug: This is Master Mantis, wisest bug in the kingdom, and I am his faithful squire, Bounce.

    • Herald Dragon: Hear ye, hear ye. The Venus Flytrap hath captured Princess Honey Bee.
      Queen Bee: What? Oh no! My baby bee in the clutches of that monster! Alert the bee brigade! Hurry!

    • Mr. Mantis: Remember, the more you know about a danger, the safer you'll be.

    • Mr. Mantis: (pointing out some poisonous berries) Now what kind of berries are these?
      Bounce: The yummy kind?

  • Notes

    • In the United States, this episode premieres on Noggin on Sunday, August 25, 2007.

    • In "Bug-Versity," Mr. Mantis gives his students the assignment to dress up as another type of bug and learn about that bug. The bugs chosen are as follows:

      Squirt: an asparagus beetle
      Wiggle: a bedbug
      Pansy and Snowdrop: butterflies
      Dragon: a cricket
      Bounce: a spider
      Mandrake: a stinkbug
      Eddy: a praying mantis
      Mr. Mantis: a firefly

    • Scott Kraft is the writer for the first story, Neil Affleck is the director and Robert Clark is the storyboard artist. John Van Bruggen is the writer for the second story, Lynn Reist is the director and Jun Nasayao is the storyboard artist.

    • The episode number and original airdate of this episode on Treehouse TV is unknown at this time. However, in "Bug-Versity," Dragon decides to dress like the cricket Scratch for Hug-a-Bug Day. So within the show's timeline, the events of this episode take place sometime after "Moon Music and Sun Songs."

    • Mr. Mantis reads the title display for "Master Mantis" and Wiggle reads the title display for "Bug-Versity."

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